Neck pain
buschia posted:
Thanks. I am scheduled for Radio Frequency ablation on Nov. 15.
I hope and pray it will help. 24/7 pain in the 8-9range is really depressing and disheartening. My PM doctor estimates 70% chance of relief. Do you agree?
davedsel57 responded:

The results of pain management procedures are very variable and are unique to each patient. I am not sure what the exact statistics show, but this seems optimistic to me.

My wife is scheduled to have this procedure for her lower back on November 12. Her pain management specialist told us that they hope to achieve 50-60% pain relief that will last 6 months.

I hope your procedure is effective for you. Please update us and let us know how you are doing.
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annette030 responded:
Is the doctor predicting a 70% chance of complete relief, or something else? Like a 70% chance of a 50% decrease in your current pain?

I really think that the patient's expectations of any surgery or procedure makes a huge difference in the outcome. Make sure you and the doctor really understand and agree with what to expect.

Take care, Annette