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Hey Doc having chronic pain doesn't mean I'm a drug addict or a criminal
SAgoddard posted:
I get so tired of dealing with the stigma and misconception about chronic pain. People should not have to go through life in this kind of pain, day after day, year after year. If it weren't for my husband and my kids I'd throw the towel in and just give up. I've been dealing with chronic pain issues for at least 15 years. I have degenerative disk disease with spinal stenos is in my neck. I've had 2 neck surgeries and now have plate/screws from the middle of my back to the top of my neck. As a result of the nerve damage I've developed pherpherial neuropathy in both arms and if that isn't enough I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and Lupus on top of it all. People look at me and they see a healthy individual. But no one knows about the hell that is my life. I had a wonderful pain management doctor but had to move to another state and have found no one here that is willing to help. I am a functioning member of society and I do not deserve to be treated like a criminal. I work full time because I have no other choice AND I'm not ready to give in to full disability yet. When I moved here and had to start looking for a new doctor I had to go through the interrogation and being treated like I was drug seeking and it just makes me so mad and so frustrated. This isn't a choice but it is my life. My job suffers, my marriage and my family. I have not slept more than 2 hours at a time in the past 2-3 weeks. When I am trying to sleep I get "Charlie horses" in my spine and wake up crying and at times almost screaming because of the intense pain. The depression has gotten almost out of control. I realize no one can help me with this I just needed some place to vent and possible find someone that knows this hell.
davedsel57 responded:

I am sorry to read about your pain and struggles. I fully understand.

Have you had or would consider any type of therapy to help you deal with the emotional aspect of chronic pain? There are mental heal professionals that specialize in helping people with chronic pain. My family, friends and my faith help me keep a posititive attitude, at least most of the time.

You can vent here anytime. We understand.
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77grace responded:
Hi SAgoddard,
I'm sad for you and yes I do understand ,I have ben in Chronic pain for 30 years or so ,although,the last 20 are hte worst!!
I feel for you and I will keep you in my prayers that you may have Peace ,even though things seems hopeless!!
I have been hurting worse latley,I think I need a new MRI because the pain is in more area's and stonger!!It fels like ahot knife in my back!!Neck is bad too!Can't say too much right now because I need to lay down,but I will keep in touch!
Hang in there and gie it to God!
hurtin28009 responded:
I understand what you are going through all too well. It is like reading a page out of my own book actually. Can you contact your old PM doctor and see if you can get a referal to one in your new area, or maybe even from your old PCP. This would be my first steps.

I am glad to know that you have still been able to work, I know this takes a toll on you but for mental health issues sometimes it helps more that we know to keep working even if it has to be modified to help us work through the day.

Contact your local hospital there and see if they can help you find resources in your new area for doctors and Pain Management doctors as well. It won't be easy getting re-established again but it is worth it once they get to know you and have your records from the other doctors.

I wish you nothing but the best and know you are not alone, we are all here for you.

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