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    Undiagnosed abdominal pain & swelling
    amtemplet posted:
    Pain & swelling began April 2012. Have gone from 100 lbs (for > 10 years, fast metabolism) to presently 125 lbs, abdomen distended to 32 inches.

    Gyn testing, GI testing (2 endoscopies & 1 colonoscopy), ct scans w/ contrast, 2 laproscopies are all negative. No irregular blood work as of yet.

    Can some professionals offer some suggestions? Pain very severe, just about constant, 2" to left of belly button, hurts to touch. Bulging L4/S1 disc being pressed on.
    kmoody responded:
    I have the same problem and no one could help me. I went form 100lb to 125 also. I had some one tell me to take equate stool softeners and it has helped a lot. I now take them every day and my belly isn't as bloated and the pain is not even close to what it was. I started off taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 at night for about a week then i cut down. I'm still 120-125 but not in the pain I was in.... I also use a heating pad and that helps.
    amtemplet replied to kmoody's response:
    Thanks for your reply. I appreciate any and all input!

    I had constipation problems for the first few months, was taking Miralax, which helped.

    What finally "cured" the constipation was actually probiotics. I am/was willing to try anything, and luckily, it did the trick. I take them once a day.

    From what I understand, laxatives aren't a good thing to take for a long time, so the alternative was the Miralax (doc said same thing, it would stop working eventually).

    Heat/cold doesn't do a thing for me, but I did try that too.

    Good luck to you, and thanks again!
    amtemplet responded:
    Had to go to the ER last night, the pain was horrific, and I was losing sensation in my hands & feet. X-ray showed some stool in my intestines (not constipation, just "there", according to the doctor). Abdominal ultrasound showed that gall bladder, liver, pancreas, right kidney all okay. Tech said that colon is where my pinpoint pain is.

    So I got sent home, with nothing done to correct/find the problem. I was told to take some pain meds and try to schedule with gastro doctor (already have appt) and maybe rheumatologist. Sigh.

    This morning, after using the bathroom, I measured my abdomen. It is now 36" around. As expected, it hurts very much, even though I am on a low dose of Vicodin.

    I really really wish someone would/could figure this out. I can't stress how much it has affected me not only physically, but mentally and emotionally.

    All these tests run have been negative, but it is VERY OBVIOUS that something is in there! It isn't gas (gas doesn't weigh anything), and it looked like this after I did the "GoLytely" thing for several of my GI tests.

    Thanks for reading this...

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