Please Help In a bind about Fentanyl Patch
An_246190 posted:
I REALLY need advice, what I thought was a friend of mine stole my Fentanyl patches that I use for severe issues, now I do not have any and over two weeks to go. I am at a pain management Dr. and his rules are unbelievably strict and rightfully so. He absolutely will not rewrite the script and if I ask him he will drop me as a patient. I don't know what to do and I am so upset right now. How can I get them refilled or am I stuck to withdrawal on my own?? PLEASE help any ideas.
SonRo responded:
You must contact law enforcement and file a police report. Take a copy to your doctor. He/she may be willing to work with you, but most won't. Always file a police report when your meds are stolen. If he drug tests you and you don't have that in your system he may drop you if you have a contract with him unless you file a police report.
ctbeth replied to SonRo's response:
Hi SonRo,

A few years ago I also used the Fentanyl patches.

I kept them in the bottom of a lock box along with som expensive jewellery.

The box was stolen. I filed a police report and the police contacted my pain management MD. My PM is based at a hospital and they have their own pharmacy. I was given the number stolen, which was three.

A few months later, the patches were sent to my bf's house (from where the box was stolen) in an un-marked envelope.

At first, I was just going to keep them in the lock box as emergency meds. After a few days, I did the right thing and notified my MD.

I did not get my jewellery returned. I guess whomever stole my box wasn't an addict- just a thief.

Somewhere in this site, a few years back, I wrote about it.

Please let us know what happens, okay?

cweinbl responded:
SonRo is right. File a police report and take a copy to the doctor's office. Most physicians will give you the benefit of doubt once or twice. After that, expect no mercy.
GodwUs responded:
Man it is a bad feeling when you don't know how your going to control you pain without losing it and then the withdrawl, Thats why I am on Butrans Patch very strong hardly any side efects and NO Withdrawl...yep it's the best thing out their. Well we got robbed and they took mine, I got a police report and took it to my clinic. If this is the first time it happend, and you have been a decent patient you should have no problem. If you go into a walk in clinic and tell them you need some pain meds to get you through until your next appointment, but if you signed a contract that won't work. I have a friend that only in a bind she aalways has Perks or Vicoden until I get a refil.