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    Need advice regarding Fentanyl Please stop deleting!
    ladygwenuveire75 posted:
    A person who I thought was my friend stole my Fentanyl patches that I use for severe back issues.I don't have any now and I have two weeks to go before he will rewrite it for me. My Dr is a pain management Dr and he is very strict and rightfully so. He will absolutely not rewrite the perscription early. Does anyone have any advice on what I should do? And to the person who keeps deleting this I am NOT asking for drugs!!! I am merely asking for advice!!!
    77grace responded:
    Wow,that is really messed up!!!I feel terrible for you,I wish I had the right answer but I do have idea's so..................
    Have you at leaset called your pain Drs. office ,I know you say He is really strict but you never know.maybe if you explain!!!Has this or anything like it happened before???Would he hAVE any reason to doubt you and what happened??I have had meds stolen before out of my car!But I had to report it to the police and then My Dr. did write another script<and yes it was a Tripulet ,(sp)
    Do you know who it is ???If so I hope you rethink Her and Friendship!I would not want a friend like that!
    Best of luck,77grace
    P.S. Do you have anything for breakthough pain that can help in the meantime??
    ladygwenuveire75 replied to 77grace's response:
    Grace, No it has never happened before and I'm too scared to tell the Dr because they have me a huge speech three years ago when I started there that if anything ever happened they wouldn't replace it. No I don't have anything and I'm really sick, as for the person who took it, I know who did it and ill NEVER speak to them again, EVER!!
    dfromspencer responded:
    Hi, Lady

    I am so sorry you lost not only your meds, but a friend! Losing one or the other is tragic. Speaking for myself, i don't have any friends to lose.

    My script was not called in one time. My P.Doc. was gone, so it was never called in. I went to the hospital, (V.A.) and told them so. They were trying to tell me that they could do nothing more than give me one dose? One? What do i do the rest of the time? I was so sick, and i am sure they could tell, but still couldn't help. I would not budge, i demanded they find another P.Doc. that can call the Pharmacy, and get my Methadone and oxycodone filled. Ten minutes latr, here comes a P.Doc., and i did get my meds.

    Maybe you could tell them you lost the drugs, and have no idea where? And, if they can help you out now, tell them if you find the others, you will bring them back. It may work?

    I hope you get some help, I really do!!! I know how you are feeling right now! Its an awful feeling. They put you on narcotics, your body gets used to them, and if they are taken away, you surely will suffer. Your friend, is surely NO friend!

    Good luck, you'll need it!!!
    ladygwenuveire75 responded:
    Hey All, Thank you for your help. Immediatley My pm Dr stepped in and handled everything!! So after a really crapy week, it looks like its over
    ctbeth replied to ladygwenuveire75's response:
    Hi ladyg,

    So, you did tell your MD and have your meds?

    I hope that's what happened.

    Anyway, I am sooo happy, but sorry that you had to go through a really crappy week.

    ladygwenuveire75 replied to ctbeth's response:
    Yes, I told him and the police. I hated to have an ex friend arrested but sadly to saveyseld, I had no other choice.
    ladygwenuveire75 replied to ladygwenuveire75's response:
    I meant to say that sadly, to save myself I had to tell the PM Dr AND the police, sorry for the typo!!
    dfromspencer replied to ladygwenuveire75's response:
    No prob with the typo, Lady G.! I am just so happy for you, and yes, you did the right thing!!!

    Thank's to all the powers that be!!!!


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