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duckgirl11 posted:
Hi,[br>I injured my rotator cuffs in my shoulder four years ago (when I was 16) by playing high school softball and am still feeling the effects. I went to physical therapy for two years during my sports seasons and it helped, but even when I did the exercises at home if I wasn't actually at the therapy clinic my progress declined. Now, my shoulder has a very limited range of motion even though I continue to do my shoulder exercises with rubber bands I was given. I also work out and try to strengthen it as much as possible. My shoulder is constantly stiff, sore and in pain every day, even writing can be painful. It also gets stuck sometimes and pops very easily. I can also hear grinding when I move my arm in any direction. Does anyone have any suggestions to help my situation? Would a chiropractor help any? Thanks so much!
SurvivingFM responded:
I had a frozen shoulder because of a rotator cuff tear resulting from a fall. I went to physio which helped also. You should return to a good therapist who can stretch your arms b/c it sounds like they may become frozen. It is painful but it works. Be deligent with physio. I had an MRI which showed the tear and then I had surgery. You should request an MRI. Also ice, ice, ice. As for pain take aspirin, ibiprofun, or aleve. If you have a tear it can take months, even over a year to heal. My last suggestion is see an Orthopedic Surgeon who specializes in these matters. I hope this helps. Doris K.
SurvivingFM replied to SurvivingFM's response:
I forget to mention that you should also search this topic. Search 'frozen shoulder' on WedMD and you will find information about this condition. You can also google it plus rotator cuff tears or shoulder injury. But please see a Orthopedic Surgeon. That would be your best bet. Doris K.

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