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lumbar herniation- chronic debilitating pain
messianicjew posted:
Hi- I am inquiring about the North American Spine accurascope proceedures. I have read some posts, but all have been written 2 to 3 yrs ago. Any current opinions or know of anyone who's had success??I need to have something done for chronic dibilitating pain- soon. also researching Laser Spine Institute Fl- North American Spine claims to be better. Are they? any tips on how to find out? I am grateful for any assistance.

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North American Spine or Laser Spine Institute, Fl anybody have testimonies of either place?
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cweinbl responded:

Before you do something you may regret for the rest of your life, take a look at a comprehensive review of Laser Spine procedures here: . The most frequent research complaints included these comments:" STAY AWAY, BAD DOCTORS and TROUBLING MEDICAL PRACTICE!"

Here is some more:

"The Ohio offices and "surgery" location in Dayton are being shut down. The reason the staff says is all about money. However, with the recent complications and lost lawsuits you just have to wonder if the Ambulatory Surgery Center just said "get out"?????

2 of 5 doctors, with drug and alcohol CONVICTIONS!!! (That is 40%). Lost lawsuits, no malpractice insurance: Why would you ever want to trust these guys???????

To add to this there are rumors of multiple cases of a type of paralysis from Dallas!!! That scares the crap out of me.

They just lost a case for 6 million dollars and the court records state no malpractice, can this practice be financially solvent???? I can not see how it could be.

Please do your homework, if a practice looks like a pile of scat, smells like a pile of scat, taste like a pile of scat...then it most likely is a pile of SCAT.

Keep looking you will find a good practice that can help you, there are many to choose from. You don't need to take unneeded chances with a practice like this one!!!

Here is some more:

"These doctors should not be allowed to practice in America.

Our medical system is not in need of an overhaul from our current President but rather a clean up of guys like these who hurt patients, lie, steal and cheat in order to line their own pockets.

Pass this link to as many as you can, as Americans we need to put an end to this @#$%."

A little more... "Take a look at this website

Would you want this to be your doctor???

Then add :

"A place I will avoid!!!"

NEVER allow a physician to touch you, must less operate, until you have conducted plenty of research. These "Laser Spine Institutes" and "Acura Surgery" are nothing more than shills and quacks that use unproven techniques and substandard equipment for the purpose of making a lot of money, not healing spine patients.


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