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allinmyhead posted:
Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with these three conditions? I take Naproxen and 2700 mg Gabapentin for the Fibro and pain which are not working. The Naproxen is wearing on my stomach and the Gabapentin is making me incredibly sleeping, dizzy and stupid. For depression I take 40 mg Citalopram, 200mgs Topiramate,, 200mgs Bupropion and 2 mgs Lorazepam. I have tried Efexor and did not help. It seems due to my mental health issues that most doctors think that I am "faking" or "making up" my pain. I have pain in many different areas and it is hard for me to describe. I find it very hard to be taken seriously. I just want to have less pain. I know that the constant pain wears on my mind and brings me down and makes me depressed. Any suggestions to be more communicative to the medical doctors?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Allinmyhead and welcome to WebMD,

While you're waiting for responses here, I encourage you to also post on our Fibromyalgia Community . You're not alone in dealing with both these conditions and you will find a lot of support there.

You also may want to visit our Depression Community .
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ctbeth responded:
Hi Allin~

I hope you had a nice holiday.

You may have done this already, but it's an idea that has helped others:

Could you keep a "pain diary"? Each day, write your pain number (0= no pain to 10= the worst pain imaginable, like being burnt on the stake pain; this pain would make a human being unconscious)

You could add any other information that could help your MD understand, for example- activity that makes things worse, what you try to help the pain, activities that make you feel better, places and events that you've missed because of your pain.

You may also discover some things that you may not have realised about your pain.

What do you think?

SmallTownGirl responded:
have a grandmother who has it and i think she is taken Lyrica...i have seen commericals of Lyrica and i may not have Fibro, but i suggest asking your doctor about it...p.s. i am not a doctor but i do think that all thoughts count whether you are a doctor not...i am serverely depressed and i take Celexa and my father thinks i am faking it...yet test have proven it...i hope i helped

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