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spinabifida doctors
mikey1975 posted:
so i joined this site thinking someone might have some ideas for me:
I was born with spinda bifida,and clepifile sysdrome,i spent many years in and out of the hospitals,as a kid,i have limited movement in my neck side to side.i was told i would spend the rest of my life in a wheel chair,lucky for me 'im not yet at 37 years of age.i was traumatized as child,so i would avoid doctors at all as i got older i get the worse of i am,sometimes i cant even get out of bed to go to work.i am in constant pain all the time,my joints stiffin up and lock up all the time,i have had bone graphs,many braces,aslo several neck fusions,halo braces,and not to mention body cast,at the present time i can not afford a doctor.Then when i save some money to see someone,i always get a doctors that knows nothing about my condition,and the just want to send me out with a referral,and charge me for 5minutes of doing last doctor i had on a regular basis,would not help me one bit,after i begged him to help me.but he was great at taking my money for nothing.well now that i will be getting insurance threw my work,and i really need to find a doctor with a personality,and the willingness to help.If anyone knows of a good doctor,that my be able to help,that would be great,.so this has been very difficult,for me,.for example.i went to see a doctor a few years ago.and he did many x-rays,he said to:
looks like your are have some arthritis issue's..and have a nice day,i suppose that was because i did not have insurance at the time,..thanks for listening...michael/southern maine;)

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