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    why wont dr.s listen to me?
    marv05 posted:
    I am dealing with chronic back pain and every time i go to the dr. they tell me im to young to be in that much pain!!! I am 30 yrs old have been pregnant 4 times(once with twins) and have fallen on my back several times. I have done physical therapy, had x-rays and i had to beg to have an m.r.i done and the dr. hasnt done anything about that yet even though ive called the office and asked when im supposed to have that done. im in so much pain i can barely do my normal day to day things and am not really able to play with my kids. why arent the dr.s listening to me? what do i hve to do for them to take me seriously??????? im sick of it!!!!!!!!!
    BrenBren30813 replied to BrenBren30813's response:
    I'm still trying to understand your situation. Don't get me wrong, you explained it well, but I'm not understanding why your doc would fire you on those circumstances? Do you suppose they wanted to do a random drug screen? This sounds absurd, especially the fact that you were denied treatment so abruptly with the strongest opiod out there that I know of. Do you have a GP???? Hang on, I'm still writing you back here...
    BrenBren30813 replied to BrenBren30813's response:
    I feel like you've posted this here long ago was this? The story just may (unfortunately) be all too familiar. I cannot offer a solution but only go with my gut instincts here and tell you that all too familiar feeling of desperation, rejection, unacceptance, physical PAIN PAIN PAIN, depression, and search for an easier route is/has been shared by many who have written here, including myself. I stress "has been" because since I've began posting here, I feel like the biggest weight has been lifted from my shoulders and replaced with constant reassurrance and cyber-hugs from people who REALLY GET IT. Please realize that (tears in my eyes) that you have a husband who loves you and is there for you, am I right? What does he think about the situation? Were either of you injured in the truck accident at all?
    my 20 month old wants to type....sorry
    do you have kids?
    There are others on this board that suffer from the same condition that you do. Personally, I am on the patch, have chronic pain 24/7, went through w/drawls last week, and those are all things you and I have in common. You are human, you are in pain, you DESERVE to be treated for your pain. Please SEEK IMMEDIATE MEDICAL ATTENTION if your thoughts have taken such a horrible turn for the worst.

    I would like to stress also, there are medications out there that can be given to you in the interim that can take away the horrible withdrawals symptoms (suboxone, I think is one), then there have to be other medications that any doc could give you to help you get by hour - by - hour...'cause sometimes when the pain is that bad, it can even get down too such an awful reminder of time.
    my boy is literally running over my feet with his trike...please take time to write me back. there are others who will offer even better words for you, I"m sure...YOU HAVE COME TO THE RIGHT PLACE
    God Bless You, Bren Bren
    CRPShellp replied to BrenBren30813's response:
    No random drug ua I have gone to her for 3 years and I had never recieved a ua. I believe the reason for her to fire me is the disagrement between her and the other doctor in her office. I was told by this doctor there was no more she could or would do to help me so she placed me at Maximum Medical Improved to Workers comp that means I am done getting treatment. SO i had to go see the other doctor who has the credintials needed to place a patient at MMI status. That Doctor disagreed with the Doctor who fired me. Ever since her disagreement I had been abused by this doctor mentally anguished and she now is effecting the rest of my life. The other Doctor who had disagreed with her has left to Denver and so I have had trouble eversince. I wonder if it is illegal for a doctor to write false statement about you in your medical record. She has contradicted her own findings. She has written to the physical disability as accurate and then said later in my records that there is no disability seen? How can a doctor get away with doing this to someone. I have no life with this pain. I have only hope of my husband finding a mother who could be the kind of mother to our children I can only long to be. I don't want to need thier help I wish I could live the rest of my life without help. I am scared of my ability to continue on. I am seeing a therapist and he was quite angry over her reason for firing me as well. But I am unable to find a doctor who can or will help me.
    greg8846 replied to CRPShellp's response:
    Hi CRPShellp;
    Hi if you can prove that you had damages and the doctor or doctor's failed to treat, you might be able to file a
    law suit. The biggest thing is you need to some how find a doctor closer to home if possible. You need your pain controlled because right now you are miserable. This doesn't help. What state do you live in.You some how need to get a
    fresh start, because when the doctor gets you medical records there is a big red flagg, they have most likely labled you already as being Non-Compliant this is a term theyuse to get rid of un desirable patients, i not saying that to you, but this is what is said in private.Or they may have labled you as a addict ot drug seeker, right now the only thing that matter's is getting you good pain control at this time. You have two years in most states to file a suit , i know your hurt and hurting but first things first.Pleaase let me know what is going on full circle.

    Greg Armstrong
    Geradine4733 responded:
    You have been given good advice. I would go in to see my doctor and make sure that they make the appt to get the MRI. You must find out your condition.

    Please do not rush to surgery as many people have said. I had a four level fusion with metal rods and screws in 2002, and two spine surgeons since then want to replace all the metal and go up another level for a five level.

    The first surgery made the pain from middle to very severe chronic pain. Everything I have read has told me that the second surgery has less of a chance than the first. The more levels involved, the less the chances are, and the greater the chances are of loose screws or broken hardware.

    You have to be your own advocate. You deserve the MRI. You can not do anything until you know what is happening. I would venture a guess that it is pinched nerves. That is what I have, and that is just terrible.
    An_223879 replied to Arrow84's response:
    I am 33... had my first fusion at age29, L4-L5-S1, was pretty successful, was able to recover pretty well, but living the life I was used to with 2 young boys, brought pain. Diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.... Involved in a workplace accident, in Jan of 2009, they fused L2-L3-L4, and modified previous fusion to match.... they waited til August 09 to do the surgery, and Ive been MISERABLE since... and the surgeon, (who did both surgeries makes HOUSE seem to have GREAT bedside manner), so its been9 months post surgery, and Im getting injections, epidurals, up thru spinal canal, which makes it worse. PLEASE do your homework.... I wouldnt get a fusion unless there are no other options.. and get a 2nd and third opinion....Make sure you choose the best surgeon, that Actually Listens to you.... My left leg gives out on me and I fall down at least once a week. The Surgeon referred me to pain management in January this year, said he thought everything looks good to him... Pain dr is great and listens...knows there are problems. Just be careful and research everything.... Especially the Drs and your options
    backpatient replied to happycat7's response:
    I agree to an extent.... But my first surgery relieved me 90%.... the second one made all of the pain come back and more... same surgeon. First surgery at 29, second at 33, I am 34 now with 2 young boys, It stinks, but I will make it for them. I would make sure I do my homework on Dr.'s, surgeries, alternatives, and ONLY do surgery as a last resort and 3rd or 4th opinion, which I did for my first surgery, but 2nd was work comp. so I didnt have a choice....
    greg8846 replied to backpatient's response:
    Hello Folks;
    I think its great that you got 90% pain relief from your surgery, you are very lucky and i commend you for it, but your right when your dealing with a Workers Comp surgeon it can
    make things very complicated from the git go. Im sorry that the second surgery didn't go as well as the first. Well good health and good luck.

    Greg Armstrong
    An_223880 responded:
    I know what your going through. I am a chronic pain sufferer of 6 years. I was in a car accident at the age of 37. It caused me to have bulging discs and osteophytes on C3 thru C7 (my cervical spine area). I have had 3 MRI's done over the course of the 6 years as well as 6 doctors and 1 pain management place (which was a joke). The only doctor I have managed to keep is a neurologist through the state operated charity system. Each visit consists of a minimum of 5 hours of waiting in their waiting area followed by 1 hour in the examination room and then another hour for the discharge papers with your next appointment on it. An appointment to go to their "clinic" is only once or twice a year and I have to phone their prescription nurse at least 3 weeks prior to my last refill in order to get the prescriptions for the next 3 months. It takes that long to get a nurse to call you for the info and then another week or so to get the scripts in the mail or emailed to my regular pharmacy. In addition, I have been waiting for 4 months to get into their neurosurgery clinic and into their pain management clinic. (I won't hold my breath when it comes to those places either.) It is all a big run-around but each one of us must do what they have to in order to function on a daily basis, I guess.
    I have even called around my area to find a new regular doctor (to go to in case I can't get to my specialist) but no one takes a patient without insurance and/or a patient who is looking for a doctor to take over medication management. It is like you have to have a missing limb with blood oozing out in order for a doctor to take notice and to "believe" that you have a legitimate problem. Needlesstosay, I did give up on that notion. I don't even have a primary care physician to speak of anymore. No one seems to want to see me for minor things like a head cold anymore.It's like I have been flagged or black-balled from receiving medical care at all.
    I have jumped through hoops, danced the dance, and everything else a person has to do in order to get the medications I NEED to function on a daily basis. I cannot hold a job for longer than 3 months due to the depression and mood swings from the pain I'm in constantly despite regular medications, a few of which I cannot take during the day because of the side effects like excessive sleepiness, impaired judgement, etc. And yet the gov't won't approve disability saying I cannot work in my original line of work but I can work elsewhere. I have tried twice and I have been denied twice. Next time, I will use a lawyer.
    Sorry if I am going on and on and on; however, this seems to be a common problem with chronic pain sufferers nationwide and yet we cannot get a single person to hear our pleas for help and understanding. We have to battle with the doctors who think we are drug seeking addicts; we have to debate with the doctors about how severe the pain is in order to get effective treatments; we have to struggle with insurance agencies (if you are lucky enough to have insurance) and convince them to pay their small meager portion of the bills we incur while in pursuit of relief; and finally, we have to continue with our daily lives as though nothing has happened at all and like we are the "exact" same as before our troubles began.
    All I can say is to stick it out. It took me at least two years before things began to plane off and stabilize for me. I just got the doctor to issue the amount of medications I needed to maintain my limited lifestyle this past December so do not give up hope. Keep trying and trying and trying. I know its very frustrating but if you ever want to get the relief you are looking for, you have to keep at it. I hope that one day there will be a person with the authority to change things - who will be compasionate, understanding, and informed. But until then, you are the one who has to find the help you are looking for. After all, all you have to lose is the pain. Good luck and keep us posted.
    Ozzychick replied to bobinpain's response:
    Definitely switch doctors. My GPs in England weren't very supportive (males who didn't seem to understand that being 5feet tall with a cup size 17 inches bigger than my back might cause postural problems). I moved to Australia and ended up with another male ("Oh Gawd .... here we go!", I thought). My new GP was great. He took me off the Tramadol, which made me feel so nauseated and dizzy, and prescribed Panadeine Forte (codeine and paracetamol). He also referred me to a postural physiotherapist and has been able to get me on the public health system's wait-list for a breast reduction. He has me come in to him once a month for 'maintenance' as he calls it, keeps an eye on ancillary problems and lets me vent. My GP is a good man. So keep looking. As others have pointed out, you are paying for them to help you - not to dismiss you. Good luck and hang in there!
    greg8846 replied to Ozzychick's response:
    Hey Ozzychick;
    Thats cool that they helped you in this way there are a few good doctors still out there but you have
    to look for them . Its like mushroom hunting you may just
    get lucky. Thanks for telling us your story im glad your
    here with all of us. Well good luck and best wishes. And Ta Ta hooroo.

    Greg Armstrong
    pattibunn replied to Gonenuzs's response:
    amen...good advice
    greg8846 replied to pattibunn's response:
    Hi Pattibunn
    Nice to meet you, you know its a good thing that we for the most off have freedom of choice in the doctors that
    we have to see. Even with the insurance company only
    certifying so many doctors in a group it still gives us all some flexibility. There are so many doctors out there that have zilch when it comes to empathy, i think the doctors must think that
    is some type of a disease that you will get for being decent to
    your patients. Doctors lose site a lot on who pays for services rendered and they think when the give a order that were in the military and we should jump when they write orders or give them verbally. I had this older Marine Corps Doctor he was a real treat and he took it serious when he told you to do something he meant now. We bumped heads so many times then we learned how to tolerate on another. Well good luck and good health.

    Greg Armstrong
    caregivertom replied to Arrow84's response:
    In my experience as a caregiver for a RSD patient the emergency room will see you as a junkie no matter what you do. The level of opiophobia in this country is total, it is absolute. A pain patient that responds to opiotherapy has no rights that need be respected. Get used to it. Maybe it will get better with the new Health bill but as of right now pain patients have to see 20-30 doctorfs to find on that is willing to take the chance on you. because it is a big risk. The DEA ( who has NO business interferring with Medicine ) will prosecute doctors who abide by the latest dosing regimens. I'm sorry to break it to you, but this country is real bad to get sick in, especially if you are in pain.
    caregivertom replied to cweinbl's response:
    Chiropractic is very good for minor problems such as tight, twisted, spastic muscles. Just because someone has an M.D. next to their name does NOT mean they are healers. My Pain patient ( I am a caregiver) calls them "golfers' who don't care about patients at all. They teach disregard of patients in med school. Why else torture them with 24 hour days and the whole schedule of an intern if not to break any empathy? It is very hard to find good doctors.

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