Going through a rough time
angelady posted:
Dr. Abaci ~ thank you so very much for replying to my dilemma. It's been 14 days with NO SUBOXONE, NO FLEXERILL but yet I still have days where I experience withdrawal symptoms. The repeated sneezes, the muscle spasms throughout my entire body as if my muscles are tearing their way outward. There's the infamous runny nose....and just all over feeling of not feeling good. I was told by my Pain Specialist that by now I should be feeling better with more energy; I can barely do my own daily housework. Yesterday I went to my sisters house to help her bake and clean for her upcoming Christmas party., I thought I was able but after changing a few bed sheets and pushing the vacuum around I began yawning uncontrollably and needed to lay down; but didn't. I didn't want sis to see me in discomfort so I pushed through. By 8:00 p.m. I was back home and I thought my knees were going to explode! The withdrawal symptoms were back. I went to bed not wanting to take any more SUBOXONE OR FLEXERILL....after an hour of thrashing in my bed I finally fell asleep but awoke with muscle spasms. This Sunday morning is not going well. I do go to see my Pain Dr. this Tuesday, but I'm not even sure what to say or ask. I don't want to take anything but how long before the withdrawals stop? After being on the suboxone for nearly 30 days I felt pretty good and stopped. After 14 days of nothing I'm 'sick' again??
Could I be so full of morphine after taking it for 12 years be too soon ? My eyes are still blurry....thank goodness the double vision did go away though!
Hanging in there.....but getting so weak and feel like a Mulligrub!
annette030 responded:
The only comment I have is that nothing cured your original problem, the meds took care of your symptoms, pain and muscle spasms, until you decided to stop taking them and try it without them.

I can't comment on withdrawal symptoms, every one is so different, but I think any withdrawal is from the suboxone and flexeril at this point. You should do whatever you think is the right thing for you.

What is a Mulligrub? I do understand how you feel, but I haven't heard that term before.

Take care, Annette