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Post microdiscetcomy shin pain
tim5051 posted:

I am a 31 year old male and have had sciatic pains and severe lower back pains, due to a herniated disk, for about 17 months. On November 28,2012, I had a microdiscectomy done and wanted to share my results.

I am 11 days post-op and the pain in my lower back is completely gone. Previously, I was unable to bend down without difficulty/pain. It was also very hard to put my shoes and socks on. Thankfully, that pain is gone.

My sciatic pain that went from the right side of my butt all the way down to my toes has decreased a lot. As a matter of fact, I really don't have any pain in my butt or hamstring. However, my calf & shin have more pain then I previously had. I have been told that this is normal as my sciatic nerve is still inflamed from the herniation, so I am really not worrying yet. I must admit though, that it is very hard to sleep with the shin pain that I am having. It is very sensitive and it hurts if I put the blanket over my shin. The pain is actually more in the shin then the calf. Wearing socks is also uncomfortable. Has anyone ever experienced this before? I had the calf pain before surgery, but never had shin pain, which is really annoying. Has anyone else experienced this post-op? I had a follow-up on December 5th and when I explained my symptoms, they checked for a clot, but noticed no bruising/swelling/discoloration & I have no weakness in that leg.

I've been walking about 1 mile day and currently take 200mg of Celebrex 2x a day and Tramadol as needed. Walking, from what I have been told, is the best thing to do following this surgery. It helps break up the scar tissue that forms and for me, has really loosened up the tightness.

So far, I am in a lot less pain than previously, but the shin pain is very uncomfortable. Has anyone encountered this? Thanks!

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