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Chest Pain Dark Stools Shortness of breath 2 weeks ago
An_249498 posted:
Hi, I am Krishna...
I had a bad chest pain 2 weeks back, I had mild sweating and shortness of breath. That evening I had dark stools and next couple of days I had mucus with black particles. I was tired as well.. For about a week, I had shortness of breath and intermittent chest pain esp after heavy dinner.. Now after 2 weeks I am much better, no dark stools or black mucus, Im just having a v mild uneasiness in chest esp when I take a deep breath. I would say I am 90% better now compared to 2 weeks back..
I assume I am ok now, But would would like to get your opinion on what caused my chest pain,
About 6 months back I was comparatively fit, working out 5 days a week and healthy eating, I recently got married in august 2012 and ever since marriage, I ve been overeating without much physical activity, and I am apparently overweight. I am also not sleeping adequately, sleeping only for 5 hours and the day before I got the chest pain, I slept only at 4:30 AM. Also most of the time when I work from home, I sleep with my belly. My lifestyle is completely changed, would this cause
I assumed that my lifestyle changes would have caused the chest pain and other problems... Since I am better now, I feel I dont have any other serious health problems..
I would like to get webmd's opinion on this.. Thank you v much!
davedsel57 responded:
I see nothing in your post about seeing your doctor. We are not allowed to diagnose or give medical advice in any WebMD community. Not even the assigned Health Experts can do this. It is also impossible to diagnose or give a medical opinion over any internet message board.

You need to see your doctor for evaluation and treatment.
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annette030 responded:
You should have seen your doctor back when you had problems, but the best thing to do now is see him.

Take care, Annette

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