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Pain in Right Leg/Groin
An_249449 posted:
25 y.o., Caucasian male

For about 4 weeks, I've had a dull and dynamic pain in my upper right leg/right groin area. At first, I originally thought it was scrotal or testicular pain - it is certainly painful enough to detect though dull and dispersed enough that I've had a hard time pinpointing its source. I'd say it ranges from 2-4 on the pain scale.

Sometimes it seems to move a little lower in to my leg, and seems to hurt a little worse when weight is put on the leg or if my legs are opened laterally away from the medial plane.

It does not seem to be worse during periods of exercise, though due to an ankle injury, I've been fairly sedentary since July 2012.

There seems to be no progression, it's no worse than when I first noticed it, though it tends to move around between my mid-thigh and my groin. Like I said, it's difficult to determine the source location of the pain.

I plan on talking to my doc about it, though I feel a little embarrassed telling him I have a pain I can't describe very well, which seems to not follow much of a pattern. I'm wondering if this community has any thoughts on treatment or diagnosis.

Thanks guys!

davedsel57 responded:

Unfortunately, it is against the rules for anyone in any WebMD community to offer a diagnosis or medical advice. There is no way for any of us in an online message board to determine what is causing your symptoms. Seeing your doctor is the best and only move you can make.

Do not be embarrassed to discuss anything with your doctor. He/she has seen and heard it all and is there to help. Your doctor can only help if you tell him truthfully what you are experiencing.

I pray your doctor can diagnose and treat you soon.
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