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nikkita22 posted:
2 months ago I was running 4 miles every other day. Working out in the Gym. Went in for minor surgery, and ended up ruining my back. I had not even seen a Doctor for over ten years with the exception of visiting an urgent care for minor ear infections/flu.

So, recently have been bombarded with PCP, neurologist, neurosurgeons, and now on my way to a pain mgmt clinic.
I have to honestly say, that in 10 years the deterioration I see of the medical profession is mind blowing. I am literally interrupted by my PCP when my 15 minutes are up.

I have spent my time reading the blogs on this, I can tell you good folks that 10 years ago, my Doctor (retired now) actually listened to me, spent time with me. If you were in pain, he treated that pain. He treated the pain until you were out of pain.

I am at a loss, and depressed that now when I go to the pain clinic they are not going to help. I agree with so many of the posts that I am already labeled a drug seeker I guess, refuse to address the pain. What boggles me is that MRI's and CT's dont lie! I am already depressed, and each new Doc depresses me more.
I am re-thinking going to the pain clinic. Looks like your on your own with these problems.

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