costochondritis pain
greg2013 posted:
I was dx with costochondritis after 9 weeks of pain while in the ER. The pain seem to gradually get worse over the weeks, to the point it hurts with movement except when I lay down and relax.

I get pain in the right rib, upper chest, upper right back, and lower right back. When the pain goes away for a while, I get upper middle stomach discomfort.

I had a ultrasound and hida scan to rule out gallbladder problems. I have been taking advil 3 times a day for the past 5 days now. I read it could take up to three or six months to for the pain to go.

These last two days have been the worst. I was very active in the gym before the symptoms appeared, I think stress made my symptoms worse over the weeks before finding out what I had.

I tried researching but it seems this condition isn't well understood and the only recommendations are rest and pain relivers. I don't want this to continue for another 3 months.

Are there specialist I can see to help with this problem or should to take pain relievers and ride it out?

30yo male, 5'5 161lbs. Pretty healthy other than acid refux.