My Pain is Overwhelming
soresoul1973 posted:
Hi, I am in so much pain lately its exhausting. I am a 39 year old female and I have a herniated disc in my L4-L5 (lumbar region of my spine) and some things going on in my sacral region of my spine with nerves I assume but I cant get any straight answers from my doctors at all. They all think it is psychological and its not. Lately I have had such a rough time, I had surgery on my left knee for the second time on Oct 1 (2012) and I thought the pain was coming from my knee, in my mind I know that some of it is but not all that is for sure. I know I have nothing wrong with my heart as I see my cardiologists regularly. I am on Oxycodone 45mg tablets 3 times a day and I have to take more due to the fact my pain is really bad. Could you please help me ? My lower back over my left top buttocks area has a lump inside ( not protruding outwards) but I can feel it like a hard ball when I lie down , sit up, or walk it gives a lot of pressure, my left leg is swelling up especially at night time to the point I have to take off my ped socks my foot has also started getting charlie horses in it and most of the time my left hip feels like somebody has kicked me with a steel toed boot and it hurts so bad that I can not walk on it correctly, I am limping. Sometimes my husband or friend has to assist me just to the bathroom. That is sad. I called my Ortho on Friday and he told me to go to the Emergency room for it as he was leaving for the day. Suppose he didnt wanna listen to me any further. I am going to the ER tomorrow as I couldnt make it due to the snowy weather. In the meantime I didnt know if anyone could help me on here and maybe have a suggestion on what it might be.? I have tried everything from heat, ice, ibuprofen,tylenol as my meds do not contain it, gabapentin which is an anti-inflammatory medication and just soaking in hot water I must admit I have to be the cleanest person around if I am not in my bed I am in the tub. lol I cannot go to the store or walk for a very long time because my leg gets so tight it literally feels like it is filling up with water. PLEASE can anyone help me ??? I would really appreciate it.
davedsel57 responded:
Hello. I am sorry you are in so much pain. I fully understand.

The ER may be able to help you short-term but IMHO you need a different doctor. Find a good spinal orthopedic surgeon or spinal neurosurgeon in your area to get a good diagnosis and accurate treatment plan. Then find a good pain management specialist who is a physiatrist. This type of pm dr practices various types of pain management treatments and does not soley rely on prescription medications.

Do your research. There are many websites that have good information regarding spinal problems and treatments. Here are links to a few:

WebMD Back Pain Health Center:


Spine Universe:

I pray you can find relief and the right treatment soon.
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ctbeth responded:
Hi Soresoul,

I hate to begin on a negative note, because I truly understand what you're going through, BUT, please don't take more than your prescribed oxycontin. If you run out early, you'll be faced with more pain and possibly withdrawal symptoms. If your MD finds out, it could be so much more difficult.

Yeah, I lived for a couple of years in and out of the bath tub and Jacuzzi.

Please tell us if you went to the ER and how things are going for you.

There are usually less people on line here on weekends.

You'll probably get more replies tomorrow.

Hang in there,

_swank_ responded:
I'm a little confused. As far as I know, oxycodone comes in 5, 15 and 30mg tablets. I've never heard of a 45mg tablet. That can only mean you're taking way more than prescribed and you will run out soon. I don't know what more you want your doctor to do. He can't call in anything stronger and I don't know a doctor anywhere that will call in narcotics on a Friday. Oxycodone requires a written order anyway so you would have to go in and see the doctor.
Anon_57995 replied to _swank_'s response:
45 mg would be one 30 mg tablet and one 15 mg tablet.
_swank_ replied to Anon_57995's response:
Yes, I know that but the poster specifically said s/he was taking 45mg tablets but they don't exist. I don't know a doctor anywhere that would prescribe that much 3 times a day.
ctbeth replied to _swank_'s response:
Indeed, Swank,

45 mg three times a day is quite a hefty does to be not helping.

Perhaps she is taking 15 mg 3x/day.

That would make a little more sense.

She/ he opened the discussion five days ago and has not returned, or has not written, anyway.

We probably will never know.

My guess is 15 mg 3x/day.
soresoul1973 replied to ctbeth's response:
Hello this is SoreSoul1973, thank you for all your feedback, i am going to be seeing a specialist in the coming month. WITH ALL THE CONFUSION LET ME CLEAR SOMETHING UP! two people got it right i take 15mg 3 times a day of Oxycodone as two people understood. I am not being mean i just wanted to clear that up i know there is no 45mg of Oxycodone and i do NOT take Oxycontin. I have not gone to the ER due to the fact that the flu is so bad and i don't want to get anymore sick then what i am. Over the past few days i have been reviewing some test results from my doctors office and it was unclear to me that Levoscoliosis, discogenic (degenerative disc disease-DDD), spinal bone spurs through thoracic spine growing inwards not outwards (5-6 of them), herniated disc L4 L5-S1 with some nerve damage. Now everything i just said is in my reports dating back to 6-2-2010. I am hopeful that with the new pain management doctor that he will keep me at a comfortable level with my pain medicine until i get some testing done to find out what can be done for me to fix my problems. I had an MRI on knee, it showed that within 2 and a half months that the arthritis has come back worse and i have to strengthen the quads in my knee with some selective exercises so that is not a big issue even though the pain is something i have to deal with. I have gone back to my primary care doctor and she still believes that this pain is all in my head and my family sees that it is not and it is just something that is getting worse and worse and something has to be done.

My pain has gotten seriously worse, it is in my back, radiates to the nodule i have in my upper left buttocks near my spine, down into my hips and down into the numbness i feel all the way down to the left outer part of my left leg into my foot now where i am starting to get charlie horses daily.
Does anyone know what i could do or why i would be getting these charlie horses in my left foot because it seems to be effecting one leg more than the other.

Thank you again for replying lets keep this discussion going and if there is anything anyone needs on this discussion i am here for you. My goal right now is to get fixed to alleviate my pain, to graduate from my online Medical Billing and Coding with a certificate on March 3, 2013, and being my associates degree on March 4, 2013 for the following 10 months.

Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, i have just been sick with a G.I. bug but i am back and this new year is hopefully going to bring me to the right direction that i need to be to get better so i can go on and be the successful Medical Biller and Coder that i can be. I want to be able to go to work and not be on disability for the rest of my life, i want to be in the work environment and i have always wanted to be in the medical field and here i am less than 10 weeks from graduating, so i do have accomplishments and goals i have set for myself i just need someone to understand me i need the right doctor and i am on my way now.

Best regards! SoreSoul1973
Mrs. Soresoul1973