kimshope posted:
Hello Everyone, Im a38 yaer old woman from Detroit, Mi. I have been suffering with pain and health problems since i was in elementary school. I was diagnosed with Chiari Malformation 1, Cervical Spondylosis and Fibromaygia in 2007. I suffer from leg, feet, arm and face numbness. I also have some degeneration in my spine. I have cyst on my thyroid. I have so many things going and the Doctors attribute my pain to fibromyalgia. I'm not a canidate for surgery for my Chiari because my tonsillar is only 6mm in length. I have been told that Doctors only feel it's nesscessary to do surgery if it is 10 mm or more. I don't if it's me but i know and think having a 4mm difference does not rule out my Chiari as playing a part in my life. I have so many other symtoms but there all blame on fibromyalgia. I don't know what to do , i so very tired of not getting the treatment i deserve. If there is anyone out there that suffer with any of these illnesses, could you please share your stories with me? I truly feel alone with this battle with my body and Doctors.I resentally had a bilateral emg come back with some evidience of something going on. I gues i can find some solance in that. hoping it leads to an answer. I have beent telling doctorss for years that i have problems with my arms and legs. I was told by my rheumetologist that i was depressed. I started therepy and they diagnosed me with depression and a mild form of bi-polarisism. Now i;m crazy, not true! I'm depressed because i'm always dealing with some kind of pain and discomfort. Like i said i ahave been suffering since i was a child! A person trying to find hope and answers!

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