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    Dealing with a stubborn Pain Management Doctor
    harley111365 posted:
    Hello all, I cracked my spine in an accident in 1995 and have had 4 spinal fusions (3 from the back and 1 through my belly) Each time the screws broke and the fusion failed. Eventually my surgeon told me that I am at a medical end and must accept that pain meds are probably going to be part of the rest of my life. I was referred to a Pain Management Clinic and have probably tried every narcotic pain med. I was very happy with my treatment by my doctor at the clinic for a number of years and then as my luck goes, budget cuts closed the clinic and all patients were referred to another pain management clinic in another town. At the beginning they just continued all the transfers on the meds that they were on according to the chart sent along before our first visit. Then came all the articles and scares about the DEA cracking down on pain management doctors and guess what happened, Cut Cut Cut. I went from meds that worked and enough of them to several different trials and finally settling on methadone 90 mgs. per day (3 10mg tabs 3 times per day) That seemed to be OK, I got used to them and life went on for a while until my doctor decided that it was time to wheen me down and take me off them completely with no warning and for no other reason except that my workers comp adjuster sent a letter to him that she cc'd to me saying that in the interest of saving them money, they were willing to send me 3000 miles to a rehab center as a trial to see if I could get relief in other ways than by meds and injections. He has been taking me down 10 mg every 2 weeks and I am now only on 20 mg per day and the pain has increased from 4 out 10 to 8 and sometimes more. I am now at the point that I am couch ridden and am not able to walk upstairs to go to the bathroom. I have to use a urinal. Long story short is I would be OK with this if I could handle the increase in pain but I can't and my doctor does not care at all. He will not even call me back when I try to update him on the problems this is causing. I do not know what to do and I am looking for advice from anyone that can help because this is ruining my life and I am frustrated beyond belief. I have 3 children and must find a way to deal with this pain. Please help if you can.
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi from Connecticut,

    I wish that I had something to say. I really don't, but want yo to know that there are people on this community who are reading- you're not alone.

    Many times, there is less "traffic" on the weekend.

    How about printing out the posting that you wrote, make an appt with this horrible pain management MD, who seems not to care about managing his/ her patient's pain.

    Perhaps tell the receptionist that it is an emergency, as it is.

    Maybe read aloud what you have shared here.

    Sadly, your situation is far-too often of late.

    As I have said many times lately: There is a witch hunt, and we are the witches.

    Hang in there, please,

    foreversore responded:
    I am in much the same boat you are. My pain is caused by different issues but I have 3 doctors treating me for my issues and am having difficulty getting sufficient pain relief in the first place. I have started keeping a pain journal and will be taking it to each of my appointments in hopes that maybe, just maybe I can someday get my pain to a more manageable level.

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