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foreversore posted:
Hey every one. Well some of our Christmas miracles happened and some did not. We were able to have a nice Christmas with the children and pay some of our bills. We celebrated today due to other things that happened over the week. My dear, wonderful father in law passed away on Christmas Eve after a long battle with heart disease and diabetes. Then late on Christmas day, I was dancing around trying not to step on one of my sweet little doggies when I took a nose dive in my kitchen. I got a small laceration on my forehead (not deep enough for stitches thank goodness!), a concussion and a very bruised tail bone. Between the stress and the fall I am in a terrible fibro flare and am very sore all over and the impact to my spine sure didn't help the pain from the DDD either. I went to the ER and after x-rays and a CT scan they gave me a shot of morphine which helped for all of an hour and a script for 12 Norco which is like taking a sugar pill. I have an appt with my family doc this week so I will be taking in the pain journal I started to see if he will be willing to adjust and or add/subtract meds to try to get me on the right combo for me. We had the funeral for my father in law on Friday and an hour and a half each way in the car and 4 hours split between a chair at the funeral home and a pew at the church was a study in misery.

We had our Christmas dinner and celebration today so I of course over did it trying to get all of the gifts wrapped and food prepared and I am paying for it tonight. I will take all of my meds, including the Norco, take a hot shower and head to bed shortly in hopes of getting a good nights sleep.

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and best wishes for a Happy New Year!

davedsel57 responded:

I am very glad some things worked out for you to have a nice holiday. I am sorry for your family's loss of your father-in-law.
Also sorry about your fall. I hope you heal up and have less pain soon.

Fantastic picture of the dogs. They look like they were waiting for Santa.

Have a marvelous Monday and a blessed New Year.
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