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jrmsr posted:
Hi DR, Can a Pain Care Doctor just drop me after 5 years of giving Me 3=30mg Oxycodone and 2= 40mg of Morphine Sulfate per Day because I no longer have Workers Comp Insur I even Told him 5 months ago that I was Settling my BWC Case and also told Him that I had to Put $27500 in to a Instr Bearing ACC to pay for his Fee and my Meds I mean after 5 years I know I'm going to have withdraws and Serv Pain I have had 2 Back surgs and Left shoulder surg also have rods in my Right Leg, when I was on Workers Comp they only paid Him $122 per Month and I have to Pay Him $175 per month and He takes Less then 5 Mins to see me, I Know it'is Not Right but can you tell me if I can do anything.TYVM
ctbeth responded:
Sadly, any MD can discontinue seeing any patient for any reason.

Certainly insurance changes are a legitimate reason.

I am not saying that I think it's right, but it is the MD's prerogative.

Most MDs will give you a 30-day prescription and titration guidelines.

During this 30-day period, you will have to find another MD, unless your current treating MD can refer you to another PM MD.

I hope that it works out for you.
soresoul1973 replied to ctbeth's response:
Well I do agree to somewhat of CTBeth's response on the point that any doctor can drop you at anytime BUT I also know that they have to have a legit reason why they are discontinuing you on your medication. I have to take random UDS (urine drug screens) even though I am NOT on a crsp (controlled substance refill program) , I do it still because my dr wont give me my meds without it) kinda stinks!!!

Back to you, I know one year ago there was a lady that was 70yrs old and her doctor had passed away suddenly and the new doctor that she saw would not give her the medications that she was currently taking which were oxycodone, morphine, and anxiety medications with also a depression med.
For you though something must have gone wrong with not just insurance or your workers comp case but maybe they found something in your urine that you were not taking enough of or too much of I am not sure. I am just basing this on the fact that you do urine drug screens because most of the time they require it from anyone who is on meds such as yours.
I hope all works out for you in the end and you are not sick with withdrawals as I hear that they are pretty serious. Keep in touch Ill follow the discussion.
Mrs. Soresoul1973
ctbeth replied to soresoul1973's response:
Hi again, Soresoul1973 and jrmsr,

I am, in No way, stating that I agree with what jmrsr's MD is doing, but it is so that any MD may discharge any patient for whatever reason he/ she wishes.

Some MDs choose not to work with self-pay or un-insured.

I do understand the SS interest-bearing medical account.

My Md's contract does state that, if a patient is discharged for any reason, that he/ she will be provided with thirty days of medication and withdrawal protocol.

This is not my opinion; I asked at my MD's office (yesterday) and reviewed my contract.

I would suggest that all of us who have med contracts, to keep a copy and be sure to read and understand all of the rights and responsibilities.

I wish that I could stop taking all of my pain meds; more-than that, I wish that I didn't need to take pain management meds.

Don't we all?

Life pretty-much sucks right now for us on controlled med pain management.
Greatful replied to ctbeth's response:
Hi Sooarsoul1973. I've been taking meds since childhood, I'm in my 50's now.
What sucks is when you have drug addicts go through your trash to see if you take anything and what
I don't own a paper shedder. They tear up too fast. I just gave up.
I used to be able to time it 3am a knock at the door wanting to know if I had any pain meds.
The gall I thought. I would tell them the next day how foolish it is to do that. My meds would be poison to them and I need what I had and they are breaking the law.
If everyone had to take meds since childhood you would pray every day for relief. So I know how much this sucks! I agree.
Anon_57995 replied to Greatful's response:
I take the labels off of my med bottles before I throw them away.

If you soak the bottle in hot water and dishwash liquid, the label will come off pretty easily.

The label is then easy to destroy, as it is mush.

Too bad that some people have to do this, but better safe than sorry.
Greatful replied to Anon_57995's response:
Thanks Anon, That dose work. But you know the paper work that comes with you're meds. When I would tear up the papers. They would be so drunk or high or what & show up with a bunch of torn papers demanding meds. I'd have to pick up & show them that I was calling the police. I am so glad the neighbors are screened now. It makes me :,Grateful
ctbeth replied to Greatful's response:
Hi Grateful,

No disrespect intended, but if someone was banging up my front door drunk or high demanding meds, I'd call 911 in a fraction of a second.

The situation that you describe is dangerous!

IDK what you mean by the neighbors are screened, but please do not place yourself in such a situation.

_swank_ replied to ctbeth's response:
I'm with CTBeth on this. If someone was banging on my door at 3 am the first thing I'd do is call the police. I certainly wouldn't
be opening my door. And if I showed them anything it would be
the barrel of a gun.
An_250203 responded:
Usually worker's comp contracts to doctors for a set fee. That's probably why it was less pay and the $175.00 is the usual office fee.

Did you sign a contract with them at the beginning? Look over your copy and see what it says.

Doctors usually give a 30 day supply (maybe a lower dose than what you were taking) to give you time to find another doctor. If he or she didn't do this, then something is terribly wrong...

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