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Does anyone have pain like this?
Idamae posted:
I have had pain issues all my life as I have fairly sever scoliosis, but I have always felt that there was something else. I have alot of nerve and muscular pain; lately I have had bouts of pain, one time all on my left side,pain in my left leg coming out of my left foot and at the same time in my left arm and down coming out my left fingers. I know this is not associated with my back, but today and yesterday I had another sever bout that seemed like severe nerve pain from my left hip to my left groin, very intense the skin was on fire and also in my left lower leg at times shifting to my posterior hip, left elbow?, all over the pain and SO intense I thought this must be what shingles is like. I have been to rheumatologists and all kinds of specialists over the years. BUT... here's my question, I have herpes simplex 2 , for 30 years, and I wonder over the years if it might seat itself in the nerves all over the body and come back occasionally. I did have a chancer sore in my mouth a couple weeks ago with the last bout before today. Anybody ever heard of this type of systemic pain from herpes? I know that herpes zoster causes shingles, and that travels along the nerve roots in a similar fashion. Don't know where to turn, and I'm a RN!
peskypain responded:
Are you taking any nerve pain medication to try and see if this helps?

As well as you say you "know" it's not from your back....So you have already seen a Board Certified Neurosurgeon that has done a MRI on both your lumbar and cervical region to know you do not have any herniations, bone spurs, or stenosis going on? Those issues will radiate out into the extremities and cause nerve pain so that is why I would rule that out first.

Are you on long term treatment for the HSV-2 or only take when symptoms break out? I assume you have also tried taking some of those meds to see if it helps the symptoms this time around?

I would think being an RN you have good Drs. that you can easily ask for assistance on whom to see or other friends who are also RNs that can recommend what to do next so that is good
Peter Abaci, MD responded:

Symptoms of tingling and shooting pains in regions like the hips and legs can commonly occur with herpes, and this is typically seen right before an eruption of lesions takes place. Herpes can also cause other systemic symptoms like headaches and body aches. It might be worth consulting with a specialist about how best to manage the herpes.

Certainly spinal nerve root irritation can also be another source of shooting pain down the arms or legs, and with your history of scoliosis this could be another factor to consider.

At the same time, we know that some folks can become hypersensitive to muscular, joint, or nerve pains for reasons that aren't entirely clear. Learning some simple techniques to calm down pain flare-ups can be really helpful. Even some basic breathing exercises can go a long way to calming down your nervous system and as a result also helping to quiet down these pains when they pop up.

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