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    Need help/advice
    ChristinaM1992 posted:
    I have been having serious lower back pain, and every doctor I have seen had told me that I might have Sciatic Nerve Damage/Pinched Nerve... I have this horrible pain that goes though my lower back, down my left leg and to my toes... I can't do anything without being in pain... I am in 24/7 pain and I just don't know what to do anymore... I am tired of the pain, I am even at the point of forking out what ever money I need to have surgery done just so I can be out of pain... I have been in this pain for almost 6-7 months... And I am sick of it... I want it to just go away... Can anyone help me or suggest what to do... I have tried everything, home remedies... going to doctors... self physical therapy... Doing my normal daily activities, taking a nice long shower...

    Nothing is helping.... And I really REALLY want this to just go away... I am only 20... I am to young to be going though this Please SOMEONE help me
    ChristinaM1992 responded:

    Looking up Degenerative Disc Disease, Which my Mother has come to find out she has; after going though doctors for 22 1/2 years of lower back pain, Everything that is says here on WebMD sounds like what EXACTLY what I am going though... But I am scared because now my mother is having surgery to have two of her spinal discs fused together, that I may be having to have the same surgery... I am hoping that what I am going though is different but reading that here on WebMD... I am not so sure anymore...
    davedsel57 responded:

    I am sorry you are in so much pain. I fully understand.

    What kind of doctors have you seen? For an accurate diagnose for what is causing your back pain, you need to see a spinal orthopedic surgeon or spinal neurosurgeon. They can order an MRI or CT Scan of your spine and see what is causing your pain. After you have a diagnosis from a spine specialist, you can then see a pain management specialist that is a physiatrist. This type of specialist offers various methods to help you manage your pain and does not only prescribe pain medications.

    In the meantime, keep doing your research. Here are some links to good websites:

    WebMD Back Pain Health Center:

    Spine Health:

    Spine Universe:

    It is also important to keep moving as much as possible and keep a positive attitude.

    I hope you can get the right diagnosis, treatment and relief soon.
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    ChristinaM1992 replied to davedsel57's response:
    Thank you Dave, I am trying to keep a positive attitude but its becoming very hard, its affecting my relationship with my future husband, and myself mentally. Every time I try to talk about it, I end up breaking down into tears because its just so difficult. I plan on calling a local university program to see about getting with a spinal orthopedic surgeon or a spinal neurosurgeon on my next day off from work. That way I can be fully diagnosed with what I have, and if I will need to find another job that wont require me to strain my back as bad as that one I have now. One of the Doctors I have seen told me she could refer me to pain management and physical therapy once I had insurance.

    I will look over the websites you posted and see if I will be able to figure out what is going on, for when I do get seen again

    Again thank you so much
    davedsel57 replied to ChristinaM1992's response:
    I know how hard this is. I have been managing moderate to severe chronic pain for over 35 years. My symptoms started when I was about your age.

    You may benefit from some counseling. Chronic pain affects us physically as well as emotionally. Don't hesitate to seek help in that area as well.

    Please keep us updated. Come here any time to ask questions or to vent. We do understand.
    Click on my user name or avatar picture to read my story.



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