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Frustrated and scared
An_249796 posted:
I have a swollen and painful armpit lymph node along with pain in my chest when I take a deep breath, and headache and fever. I had breast augmentation back in Oct 2012 and had complications on the right side in which the lymph node is swollen. I just had an infection on 12/25 in the right breast and was prescribed 2 antibiotics and it seemed to have cleared it but the swollen lymph node appeared and is painful to touch or even put my arm down. Sleeping on the right side seems to be better than on back or on the left side. I also went to check with a physician who said I had bronchitis which I don't even feel like it. I am on bactrim and azythromycin.

I need to know why the lymph node is so painful and what is causing that and the fever based on the above info. I see another family practioner tomorrow to hopefully get answers. My PS said everything with the implants look fine and of no concern and the regular dr. At a walk in clinic said I have bronchitis but I have no cough or phlegm, running nose, etc.
peskypain responded:
Hi there...

Unfortunately this is just a website and even an actual Dr. on here would not be able to diagnose you online.

Since you are seeing your Dr. today, hopefully they will be able to figure things out or refer you to another type of Dr. that can help.

When did you go into the walk in clinic and when did you see the other Dr? That is two people saying you have bronchitis....

It sounds like a bad case of the flu with chest pain along with bronchitis as they suggested, fever, and headache. But again...we are just guessing and it's up to a Dr. to diagnose. This can also cause lymph nodes to swell as they do this when they are fighting an infection (like the flu)...

Hope you get some answers soon.

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