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Chronic Pain - Indiana
CharlottesWebb posted:

I'm new here. I have been searching online for help but I am finding a lot of people in the same situation.

I've been in PM for several years. Last summer I received a certified letter that my Dr. went on emergency leave and they were closing his clinic. I'm not sure what happened but a lot of patients were just left to find help on their own. I have tried several other PM in the area and I am hitting brick walls with them not wanting to continue the same care, even though I have my medical records, passed all my random drug testing and never had any issues.

It's frustrating to have to go over everything I have tried before and I don't mind doing some of it again but sheesh - it's like pulling teeth. So, I am reaching out to see if anyone knows of any Drs. that might be willing to help me. I am looking for someone in Indianapolis or surrounding areas within Indiana. I am willing to travel to Bloomington, etc.

Oesteopenia in Hips
40 Degree Curvature of Spine
Degenerative Disc Disease
Bulges L-3, L-4
Anterolisthesis L5 on S1
Chronic Migraines
Endometriosis, Fibroid Tumors (Full Hysterectomy, leaving one ovary in 2008)
Restless Legs
High Blood Pressure

Thank you!
annette030 responded:
It is probably more what kind of care you wish to continue, than what your current diagnoses are.

A new doctor must feel like he can help you decide what care you might need, rather than just continue on with old care, that he may not agree is the right care. Medicine does change over time, some meds/procedures go out of use and other meds/procedures are used instead.

For instance, now the use of benzos and opiates at the same time is becoming frowned upon, and the use of them together is questionable due to interactions that have been shown to happen recently in at least one study.

I have been a nurse for 40 years and many drugs/procedures have come in and out of favor for various reasons. We learn more and change our practices. This can be frustrating for patients who have had no problems ( or at least not yet), they wish to stay on the same regimen, I do not blame them, they might be the lucky ones.

I understand both sides of the coin.

Take care, Annette

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