Question about meds
billyf27 posted:
I take Hydrocodene 3 times a day, It is 5/500.

Would it be better to ask for the 7.5/325 to get less acetaminophen even though the pill is a little stronger?

I also worry about the long term effects of the pills although its a small amount. Should I be worried?

I also been getting injections of Lidocaine every 2 months for years. This worries me too.
peskypain responded:
Norco comes in 5/325 so this is something your Dr. can easily switch for you without having to raise your dosage as just avoiding Acetaminophen is not a good reason for them to raise the hydrocodone.

At only 3 times a day at your present dosage (1500mg), you are still way under the daily limit of 3000mg so you really don't need to worry.

The main thing is not mixing any alcohol when you are taking these meds as that would be adding to possible liver problems when is completely avoidable.

What about the Lidocaine injections worry you? They are not the same as steroid injections which are only meant to be done a few times a year. Lidocaine is just a numbing medication.