No sleep with frozen shoulder pain
Skittles1 posted:
I had surgery 3 months ago to have calcium deposits removed and a bone shaved down to improve range of motion to a painful shoulder that I had injured sometime in the past. Month 2 of healing, things went downhill and now frozen shoulder. I can deal with it most of the time during the day but sleeping is unbearable .... I am in a bad pattern of no sleep, stressful days at work ( preschool teacher for 2&3 year olds) , and I'm a cranky wife! I was actually relieved to finally go to the Internet and see that I am not alone. I have never been on a discussion board like this before so I have 2 questions:

Why does it hurt so much when I lie down... Then feel better when I get up and walk around? ( if only I could sleep standing up- I do prop myself up quite a bit)

Any suggestions that have worked for you? I feel like if I get sleep, I will heal better.

KarenElizabeth responded:
I too am anxious to see if there are any responses or suggestions for sleep. I had arthroscopic shoulder surgery in Oct. for a tear and bursitis, and now I have frozen shoulder as a result. What a nightmare. Like you, the days I can manage (usually) but the nights are awful. I toss/turn millions of times and I think the pain actually gets worse. I stuff a million pillows around me (I'm now in the guest room) and all I'm getting out of that a stiff neck to boot from sleeping in weird positions.

Praying someone responds with a great idea...
Skittles1 replied to KarenElizabeth's response:
I am on another chat room and I am doing 2 things different that have greatly improved my sleep; I got a body pillow. I finally get several hours at a clip of sleep which is such an improvement for me... And also I use cold heat cream. I too am now in my daughters room (who no longer lives with us) and I wait till then to use it because my husband can't stand the smell. It will clear your sinuses but more importantly it allows for improved blood flow in that area hence continued healing. Good luck.
hornetfan7777 responded:
Have you tried physical therapy? I had surgery on my shoulder a few years ago and got "frozen shoulder" afterwards. But they sent me to PT and it cured it. Don't get me wrong, they will gradually move your shoulder and it hurts like words I cannot say. BUT, it will feel so great when you are finished. Please do not continue to suffer --- go to PT!!!
Skittles1 replied to hornetfan7777's response:
Yes, pt is an essential part of this healing process. As is the home exercises, I agree. Prayer doesn't hurt either!!