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An_250002 posted:
take pain pills and often run out bye the end of the month sometimes they let me fill them up to 10 day early sometimes 5 or 2. if you run out how long should you wait before asking for a refill? the doctor has no ploblem when it comes to refill. ican get the scrip early but sometimes the pharmasest wont fill them
nodisc responded:
Hi An_ !!! In addition to your doc, the pharmacist also has an obligation to manage your scrips. If you're running out early, eventually this will have to be addressed. Pharmacies these days are running scared due to regulations, etc., when it comes to dealing with opioids, so if they sense something is wrong, the red flag goes up, and it's on the phone with the doc. Be careful!!! I would say a day or two at the most is ok, but beyond that would be red flag territory. so hope this helps you. Later, Mike
ctbeth responded:
Hi Anon_250002,

You didn't say if your "pain pills" are opiate meds.

That makes a huge difference.

I see that you first posted a week ago.

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