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Pinched Nerves
Breelott posted:
thought I had a pinched nerve on backside of right thigh downward , but 2months later , its worse and I have followed pain to rightside lower back with what i believe to be a pinched nerve . What do i do? Where do i go?

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Pinched Nerves
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peskypain responded:
I would do neither until you see a Dr. Make sure that there isn't something serious going on like a bulging or herniated disc in your spine.

For me, even if I was "healthy" I would never go to a Chiropractor as I just don't happen to believe in what they do and it can be downright dangerous if someone has an issue with their spine as a Chiro is not trained to do a MRI or read the findings.

But I know that many do like Chiros so it's a personal choice. I'm just recommending that you see a Dr. first and then go from there.

Massage can be very helpful but only if they are aware of any injuries that you do have and making sure to avoid direct pressure to any area like that. I get many massages even though I have herniated discs and previous fusions...But my masseuse knows all of this and we just work on all the muscles to help keep them from getting too tight. It's important to drink plenty of water after any massage:)

Let us know what the Dr. says...
dfromspencer responded:
Hi, Breelott

I also, have to say, go see a Doctor befor you do anything like that!!! A chiro can actually hurt you, if he doesn't know you are injured. Even if you don't realise you hurt yourself, you may have, even by just walking on uneven ground. So, get tested by a Medical Professional befor you do anything else, cool???

Good luck!!!!

marie_h replied to dfromspencer's response:
Both!! Also add physical therapy or yoga and you have a recipe for relief!
Anon_57995 replied to marie_h's response:
I beg to differ.

If she has a herniated disc and/ or any neuro involvement, a chiropractor, who is NOT an MD can make her problem much worse.
They cannot order MRIs or CAT scans and rely on only xrays for diagnosis.
Everyone who goes to a chiro gets the same diagnosis anyway-
subluxations. They also tell you that one leg is longer than the other.
Massage can feel good, but again, if you have a neuro thing going on, they can make it worse.

Yoga, chiro, massage, and physical therapy are NOT a "recipe for relief" if you have a neuro condition.

How ridiculous!

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