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    Hyrocodine and oxycodine
    ldycountry posted:
    I only use what is prescribed to me I have lower back problems with having 2 surgeries and knee problems.My doctor that I have seen for many years sent me to a pain management clinic. I have been going for several months and have my pain bearable were I can at least work.I went to work on my first day back and forgot my meds and I work with an older woman also we are cooks I am 56...She gave me 2 of her oxycodine and we thought they were about the same as hydro's that i take for I was in some bad pain I know I am suppose to not take anyone meds and never till this point for I needed to work..I do not drink or take any other drugs except what I need for my pain .. but when I went to my pain management they said I failed my drug test and said it was still in my system 2 months later....They never said anything when i went last month and that has been about 3 months ago when I took them and have NOT taken them again or ANYTHING else....My question is how long can 2 pills stay in my system and should I be kicked out for making that mistake which will NEVER happen again..I only go to one Dr.for years and to them..They said they was gonna take it to the lab will that show the truth about how many and how long ago I took them I am just overwhelmed they treated me like a drug addict talking smart and before I got hurt I have never done ANY kind of drugs....Thanks
    peskypain responded:
    If they are still treating you, then I'm wondering why you are still concerned about it. It seems like they found out you failed the test but did not dismiss you from their practice.

    You ask "should" you get kicked out...I can't answer that, but do they have the right to, yes they do. It's actually a felony to give someone these meds or take them if you are not prescribed them.

    I am NOT trying to be snarky when I say this...I am just amazed at how people think that extremely powerful, controlled substances, are taken like Tylenol. I guess I could never imagine in my life taking medications that are not prescribed to me. People would never do this with someone's BP medication, thyroid or heart meds....but it seems like people think it's no big deal to do so with these meds...

    The medications are actually Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. They are two different meds so that is why it will show up differently on a lab test that uses gas chromatography mass spectrometry. I don't know all the details of exactly how long a medication stays in one's system but it does sound a bit odd to be there 2 months later.

    What would have helped your situation greatly was coming clean with your Dr. when you did this and BEFORE you took the test. But this way, they think you are trying to hide this from them.

    This is unfortunately why many people wonder why Drs. are hesistant to trust patients with these types of meds. That is why I am not trying to berate you, I am actually just surprised at the number of people I read on these boards and others who have done this, or take more of their medication than prescribed when they are having a "bad day"...

    The only thing you can do now is go from there. What will happen will happen if they decide to dismiss you you can only plead your case and try to speak with the Dr.

    It really doesn't matter at this point about how long something stays in your system if you are saying you aren't going to do this again then you need not worry about that.

    The only other issue is that they now have this down on your medical records so if/when you ever need to see another Dr., it will show a failed urine test.

    But you should just move forward and it seems as if they are keeping you on if they haven't said they are letting you it's a lesson learned and I appreciate your honesty with telling us on here. It is also a lesson for anyone reading that these medications....whether controlled meds or not, should never be shared with anyone else.

    I wish you luck.
    Tjanus responded:
    There is a difference between the two ,but two pills will not show up on a test sent in. When they do a test in the office hydo's can show up as oxy's if you take 4-6 pills a day. So once the test comes back it will show up as hydo's . Don't sweat it,oxy's will only show up if you had taken them 5-7 days pier to the test.
    peskypain replied to Tjanus's response:
    ?? I'm not sure where you are getting your information? Could you please elaborate on this.

    I do know for a fact that any lab test that is sent out that uses gas chromatography mass spectrometry it will show every single different type of substance. That is the whole reason they send them out and they are so expensive.

    A urine test in house with a dip stick only shows the presence of a few certain meds and not the amount.

    The GC/MS test can tell the amount to the absolute minute detail. This type of testing is used in fire investigation, criminal forensics, law enforcement and even security for explosives detection.

    My PM uses this test for our yearly analysis and we go over the results and have discussed things as he and I are actually friends outside of our appts. so I have spent many hours asking detailed questions as I love to learn.

    So, if you have something that shows that hydrocodones will only show up as Oxycodone "if" only 4-6 pills are taken I would like to see this.
    Anon_57995 replied to Tjanus's response:
    GC/ MS test tells each substance in a fluid in suspension.
    Urine is the medium.

    GC/ MS works on a molecular level. Hydrocodone and oxycodone are chemically different on a molecular level.

    More concern is that the writer would take another person's controlled drugs.

    What if her dose is many times higher than yours?

    Do you know if they were oxycodone or oxycontin?
    Do you know the milligram to milligram equivalent of oxy to hydro?

    If you had overdosed on your work mate's oxy (codone or contin), the co-worker could be arrested. Had you died of over dose, the co-worker could be arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

    The rules and laws are not there to hurt us. They are to protect us.

    If your PM will still treat you, consider yourself lucky and be thankful that you didn't overdose.

    If I was a pain management doctor and my patient took another persons meds, especially as the med was different than what you're prescribed, I'd immendiatly dismiss you. Your MD shouldn't have to be liable for what you did- breaking your contract.

    You should have told your supervisor that you forgot your pain meds and gone hoe to get them.

    No one should take another person's prescription meds.

    You could get kicked out of your MD's care, and get arrested, and even die.
    annette030 responded:
    It apparently took awhile before the lab got the test through their system and notified your doctor, and he notified you.

    You know you messed up and say it will never happen again, now all you can do is wait. Maybe your doctor will take you at your word, maybe he won't. It is up to him. Not us, or even you.

    Take care, Annette
    Tjanus replied to annette030's response:
    Not to be misunderstud ,I am not at all saying that you should take someone's meds .all I was saying that if you test positive for oxycodone after being tested at office that it could be that you are on a high dose of hydrocordone ,but once sent in they can tell the difference.If it was oxycotton that would be different .but once again I am in no way saying that what you did was right.I agree with the other telling your boss that you fogot your meds an would like to go home. Sorry
    Anon_57995 replied to Tjanus's response:
    Yes, they can tell the difference.

    I looked at this quote

    "They said they was gonna take it to the lab will that show the truth about how many and how long ago I took them I am just overwhelmed they treated me like a drug addict.

    I don't know how long after taking oxycodone (or was it oxycontin, it makes a big difference) stays in your system.

    Maybe they were bluffing to see if you'd tell them the truth of what happened that day.

    I'd think that your MD would rather hear it from you than to get the results and catch you in a lie.

    Especially since you've only been seeing this MD for a few months.

    I hope that it turns out okay for you.

    Did you sign a medication contract with this MD?
    ldycountry replied to Anon_57995's response:
    Well I have never taken anyone's medication until then and will NEVER do it again....I do Not pass meds around like candy it was 2 stupid older ladies that do not know much about this kind of stuff. I understand now that I made a big mistake but we honestly thought it was just about the same thing...I guess I will find out when i go back next month..I did come clean with the MD I am not trying to hide anything,But if they say I have taken more or are still in my system it is Not the truth..I made a stupid mistake and use to never even would use to take BC's for I thought they were bad for your should have told my boss your right but it is to late now but I did learn a valuable lesson that is for sure...just kinda wanted advice on these things for I know nothing about it or I would not be here...thanks for letting me know what a big drug dealer I am now appreciate it.....
    ctbeth replied to ldycountry's response:
    Oh please~ old ladies~ LOL!!

    You are not old. Fifty is the new thirty <3
    Tjanus replied to ldycountry's response:
    If you would like to know more about the difference between the two drugs just go to an ask the difference between hydrocordone an oxycodone an it will give you a short answer.By the way fifty beautiful
    peskypain replied to ldycountry's response:
    I'm not sure why you are getting mad at those of us who took time to reply and give honest feedback. We are trying to let you know what it looks like on the Drs. end..

    You came and posted and asked whether we thought you "should" be kicked out or not...

    Getting defense or mad at us seems out of place.

    I truly hope you aren't this defensive with your Dr. To me, it would bode better for you with them if you took a humble but honest approach. To say that you had "no clue" that it wasn't wrong or that the meds were "sort of" the same is actually going to backfire on you if you tell the Dr. this.

    They expect people to not just read the bottle which actually says right on it in (it is written on mine underneath the Pharmacies address) and says "Caution" Federal Law prohibits the transfer of this drug to anyone but the patient for whom it was prescribed. As well as it's in very bold print on all the written inserts that comes with the prescription in the bag from the Pharmacy.

    Many of us (will soon become mandatory) sign an actual pain management contract with the Dr. each year stating all this in great detail along with that we will not accept controlled substances from any other Dr. except in an Emergency. It states that if the meds are lost or stolen they will not replace..etc.

    So to me, if you claim to your Dr. that you didn't understand how these are actual controlled substances and extremely strong pain medication and that you could have overdosed by taking something a lot stronger than your meds, or if you got into a car accident and hurt/killed someone else they would have found these meds in your system which would trickle down from you to your friend. This may make things even worse by saying you had no clue about any of the possible dangers.

    I guess my point was coming clean "after" they tell you that you have failed your urine test is much different than telling them the day you took the test as well as brought in your meds to show them that you had the two extra of your pills.

    To me it would be best to say that you made a terrible mistake and that you absolutely realize how dangerous it could have been for all involved. Anon 57995 was just trying to explain how many people it could have affected if it all went wrong. If your friend had a pill count from her Dr. and was short those two pills then she could get kicked out as well.

    All of this is not to scold you but to answer your post and explain what the Drs. view is. If for any reason the state or the DEA needs to look over your Drs. records he will have to give reasons why he kept someone on after failing a urine test and taking someone else's meds. So it is a HUGE deal for them to decide to keep you on. This is why I think you should go overboard on making sure that you tell your Dr. just how much you have learned from this and exactly "why" it was a bad decision. I bet he would feel better knowing that you truly get it and aren't just upset because you got caught.

    We are all truly trying to help you, but also anyone who reads these threads. That is why I ended my other post by saying thank you for being honest here.
    ldycountry replied to peskypain's response:
    I am not mad guess I am just learning alot about meds and the law......I am sorry if I came across cross but I have never had dealing with Pm....I appreciate all the advice that has been given to me guess I kinda got offensive since I have no education on this situation....But I sure will not have to worry about it again,for the meds really help me function I hate having to take them but I need to work and help take care of 2 Boys with MD...I never gave a thought to all the above and will certainly be very aware of alot that I have read on here...I am a very friendly and respectful person and never come across ugly to my Dr.
    I have been going to the same Dr for many years and he has even been to my house with my sick boys....I am not upset I got caught I was not trying to hide anything when they first said percoset I had no idea what they were talking about for her bottle said oxycodone and she said it was about the same thing I took I have never failed a drug test in my life I even had a Hair test for my job..
    I did make a stupid mistake but it did help me thru the day just as mine did.....But NEVER again...When they get the lab back next month it will show i guess what I said is true and if she doen't drop me I will be straight as an arrow from now on......
    I just never knew this stuff you all talking about...
    Sorry if i came across to strong Glad to have you all's help I now realize how serious this one time thing could have been..Thank-you
    peskypain replied to ldycountry's response:
    Thanks for sharing a bit more...

    I know that I can come across very "direct" as well..LOL..So I was truly just trying to give you all the details from how it looks on their end.

    (My punctuation was terrible the last post! ahhh!! )

    Anyway, it sounds like you have been seeing this Dr. for a long time and he knows you as a patient so that is a good thing and hopefully this can just be a learning lesson and you all just move forward in a positive way.

    So, I apologize for coming on strong as well..I just want to really impress upon you or others how important this issue is or anything to do with opiates.

    Let us know how things go..
    ldycountry responded:
    Well I went back to my pain management today and after they sent my test to the lab they came back that I was only taking what was prescribed to me ...
    So now everything is ok and I am going to start getting injections in my knee for there is no cushion between my bones ole author...
    Thanks for all the advice and I learned a very good lesson on meds..
    I will never ever take ANYTHING except my meds if I leave them at home I will just have to take a point at work and leave to get them as when we miss or leave we are on point system.
    but without the meds I cannot work so be it....
    Hope everyone can find help to be relieved from their pain...
    whoever said life starts at 50 must not have been 50 or have to work very hard lol
    Again thanks for the advice I learned a lot from your advice...ldy...

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