re: 46yr old
An_249998 posted:
Thanks all for the response. Yes to MRI, Pain Mgmgt, and other testing. I am trying to find new Dr. But I guess my concern is how do Drs. just drop you without thinking of the patients well being or their mental status?? Thanks again to all of you
ctbeth responded:
Hello from Connecticut,

Since you are signed as Anonymous, we do not know in which discussion you were involved.

Please identify the discussion so we can follow along with you, ok.

ctbeth responded:
I think this may be you:

"Depression,Aniexty Disorder,Chronic neck & back pain, & bi-lateral carpel tunnel"

Your initial post was a bit difficult to follow. I do recall that there was a discrepancy with your dates and running out of meds, urine test showed no meds, right?

Last time you wrote, you didn't know if your MD was going to dismiss you or if you'd be okay.

I suggested that you show the MD the receipts from the meds for which you paid.

Now, it appears as if your MD did dismiss you.

I am so sorry to hear this.

Please write again and tell us what has happened to you.

I'm really concerned about you.