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If you were a dog..
Open2U posted:
not to be insulting . But , if you were a dog in pain with a 1/2 decent owner -he/she would take you to the Vet . Where your medical history would be read -( Why isn't this happening for Humans ?) and would automatically be deemed credable & approx. 90% of your diagnosis ...As a End Stage healthcare worker I received a back injury where I had to learn to walk again - luckily Doctor #7 taught me how to take care of my back . Years later I developed stomach issues / ovarian Ca.. , by the 3rd oper. , my back pain kicked in again & stomach pain didn't fade with healing. By #6 stomach oper. my whole "core" was in high pain . Also , during that time they found that I didn't respond to many medications an theorized it was due to 3rd degree burns I experianced as a child that changed my neurons/synapses . Luckily , I had an excellent specialist I saw every month for 10 years and other specialists..Recently , my Dr. of many years left state abruptly without referrals to go on. I was shocked by my first new primary who didn't read my med.Hx.or give physical in 6 months of being a pt. , also started to change meds. on 1st appt. without checking HX- now , onto a new internist who believes all meds can be replaced by vitamins but , cannot say what vitamins ..What in the world is going on ? I'm at a loss as to what to do - the Dr. recommends a non-hospital Detox so , I called one of my surgeons who said " What ? Why ? with your history ..." If a pt. is upstanding , honest , uses one Dr. for meds, -one pharmacy for refills and has a " good pt. history " why make them suffer through a detox and cause more pain then their experiancing . Having worked in many arms of the healthfield an having experianced severe injury an many oper.'s , I'm befuddled as commen sense has rolled out the door . One Dr. said " Some bad apples have spoiled it for everyone else " so , read the fools HX. and move that emotionally/mentally ill pt. on to proper mental healthcare - we aren't produce nor vegtable ..Every human being is a viable person in their own right and should be treated as such , as an individual . Years ago , I was asked to cover for another healthcare worker in a home setting - this woman had been in bed for fiffteen years with 2 - 20 minute sit-up times a day , she had severe arthritis and was on a pain RX but , obviously it was the wrong one or she could have been more involved with life and would of had some quality to the quanity . Besides my own life unraveling & becoming unbearable even with meditation, visualization , yogic breathing , praying & stretching and wondering who do I go to , what do I do ...I also worry about those people who are isolated and going thru this upheavel - how do you keep house ? Get groceries ? All the daily basics ..(Help isn't that readilly available as I have a wheelchair bound friend that receives 4 hours a month for help - groceries , laundry ,bathing , Dr.'s appt.'s etc in 4 hours a month) Plus try an keep a level head with constant pain- you become myopic ...Is there an answer ? . Also , why hasn't the media picked up on this catastrophe of human suffering ? Granted suffering doesn't offer any priviledge as we've all seen or read about in history but , the differance now is , their slowly killing people one by one instead of in groups ....killing their spirit , potential , individuality , which in essence leads to a slow death ....Thanks for letting me vent , I hope you all have sufficent care an can enjoy life's gifts . If not , an my problem sounds similar to your own , what do you do ? I'm in Maine...
ctbeth responded:
Hi Open2U,

This phrase:

"Where your medical history would be read -( Why isn't this happening for Humans ?) and would automatically be deemed credable (sic) & approx. 90% of your diagnosis."

I have read your post twice and am having a difficult time understanding what you're saying.

Do you think that MDs do not review patient's medical histories?

Is this something that you're thinking is going on with you and your MD?

Do you know why your former MD left the state abruptly? That is a frightening situation being left without a pain management MD.

It appears, from what and how I read your narrative, that it was your primary care MD who left the state, right?

Since you've had many surgeries and have specialist MDs, could one of them refer you to a pain management MD?

It is curious that, if I'm reading what you're saying correctly, that you think none of your MDs has read your history.

I may be interpreting your writing incorrectly, so please clarify, if you don't mind.

Please don't worry so much about others right now: the woman in bed for fifteen years, your friend who uses a wheelchair. Please put yourself first right now and focus on your needs.

One last thing. I do not understand what you mean by this:

" their ( sic, "they're) slowly killing people one by one instead of in groups ...

I just do not understand what that means.

I hope that you'll write again and that you'll find some of the answers that you seek by "talking" to us.

You are in Maine and I am in Connecticut.


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