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    Blood clot
    elizabeth8373 posted:
    I have 2 blood clot in my leg I've been on meds for almost 15 days I had some pressure in my chest the other dust my dr ordered a ct they found I the clot moved to my left lung I was sent to the hospital they did X-ray EKG and blood work and that's they said they where going to admit me then after being there 10 hours in waiting room they said because all my tests are normal right now they sent me home told me to increase my blood thinner and ordered another blood thinner the shot one for three days now I have to wait to see when the insurance will approve that.. They say that's all they can do
    annette030 responded:
    See another doctor for a second opinion if you feel the doctor or the ER is treating you incorrectly.

    Take care, Annette
    meaningfulc1952 responded:
    Hi elizabeth8373,
    I also had blood clots that were in my lungs. This was about 304 years ago. At that time I was a heavy smoker (3packs a day) and that sure did not help. I had swelling in my right ankle and a little above that area only. I saw my cardiologist and no dr. could figure out that I had blood clots. Finally, in the summer my blood pressure got very high and I was admitted to the hospital. When I was in the Emergency Room they gave me the shots in my abdomen to try and help the problem. They already had done the appropiate tests to diagnose that. I was in the ICU for days until safe enough to go to a regular room. When the ER dr. told me that I had the blood clots in my lungs I asked him"Am I going to die" and he said I do not know. I was totally scared to death by his answer. At least he was honest.
    After being on blood thinners and other meds, they started giving me blood transfusions. I was not able to go see my daughter get married and I was very upset. The Drs. told me that it would be extremely dangerous for me to travel via air to her wedding.

    Finally, I was getting much better and learned that I had a rare DNA gene called "V. Lieden". I had never known this until they did some special blood test and then I was told that I had that and I should have my daughter get checked also. Lo and Behold, she does have that "V.Lieden" gene.
    The good news is that I recovered and I quit smoking and have not picked up one cigarette ever since this happened.
    I truly believe that you need to pursue this because it sure can kill you if you are not being monitored and taking the right meds for your condition. I do not understand why your insurance co. will not cover this either. Let us know what happens.
    Good Luck,
    meaningfulc1952 responded:
    Hi elizabeth8373,
    Have you had any treatments for the blood clots? If you are taking meds and not being monitored by a dr. or in a hospital this could be dangerous for you.
    I do not understand why your insurance co. would not approve whatever it is they needed.
    I do hope that you are feeling much better and have a good dr. to treat you.
    What ever you do, do not ignore the problem, because this is a dangerous type of condition.
    I wish you good luck,
    lorigibs40734 responded:
    You have to be very careful about blood clots. I had one once after a heart cath was done. I think I caused it because I couldn't stay in the bed long because of my pain and I got up to walk around.

    They did an ultra sound of my thigh and leg and found the blood clot. Did they do an ultra sound? Maybe you can ask them to do one?

    I was never put in the hospital for it, but had to go every three days for blood work and they would call and tell either tell me to double my warfarin or decrease it depending on my levels.

    I was on warfarin for 6 months.

    Elizabeth, please be very careful, take your meds faithfully and always ask about new meds given to you if it will interfere with your blood thinner. Usually a pharmacist will ask about it ( they did mine a few times) but ask your doctor yourself.

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