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Anyone tried hypnotherapy for pain?
Daphnepaul posted:
Please let me know your experience with hypnotherapy. I had a friend try it out with no real results but it is a possibility, I think.
Onehurtguy responded:
It's used typically for very low impact aerobic excercise and strength training as far as my experience anyways...
ctbeth responded:
Hi Daphne (lovely name) and Mr. R.,

Now I am confused: are you referring to being hypnotized (hypnotherapy), or water therapy, (hydro-therapy)?
Daphnepaul replied to ctbeth's response:
hypnotized !not hydrotherapy.
ctbeth replied to Daphnepaul's response:
Hi Daphnepaul,

I was hypnotized to quit smoking and it worked great for me.

I have, many times, thought of being hypnotized for pain management.

If you do try it, please let us know.

Thank you.
Opal40 responded:
Try accupuncture, yoga and or meditation
TDXSP08 responded:
I tried it For Pain and using the 1-10 scale 1 being least effective and 10 most effective i give it a -5 because 3/4's of the way thru the second session I had to stop the session to take my BT meds because the Pain was horrendous and the hypnotist said you should have been in s trance and felt NO Pain,and i said so when i was squeezing the couch cushion last week fighting the desire to tell you to shut up! your annoying and i hate annoying people when i'm in pain!, she said agh you are noe hypnotizable thats what the problem is!!
she then said try drugs and you don't have to come back to see me because i can't help you.
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