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How to treat gout problems?
traviswright posted:
I have this painful condition in my feet that's been going on these past weeks; friends tell me it's probably gout. I say, maybe it's just a sort of pain that is caused by a daily 5 blocks walk from and to work. However, I wonder if it is how can I treat it to prevent from getting worst?
Anon_1421 responded:
You need to go to the doctor and try to find out exactly what's wrong-it may be gout, it may not-if it is gout, you might try an herb called Bilberry-my husband had bad gout and I found out Bilberry might help-he started taking it and takes it to this day-and has never had gout again-but you need to find out what is wrong first, could be something toatlly different-
suz1catz replied to Anon_1421's response:
I have goat in my foot/ankle for 2 weeks I could not walk. My ankle still hurts. I have no idea how I even got gout. It took 3 doctors before they told me I had gout..The throbbing pain is horrific. I'm taking 2 medications for gout but I also have kidney disease. I have done allot of research about gout. I'm keeping a food diary to see what foods causes the flare ups. I did stop taking fish oil I don't drink nor do I eat shell fish I eat very little red meat or pork.I have no idea what to eat. I don't wish gout on anybody. Please share your experience with gout. Thank you.
Anon_1421 replied to suz1catz's response:
As I posted before-my husband had it-really bad, could hardly walk, couldn't sleep well....and he did go to the doctor for it, that's how we knew for sure what it was, I thought that was what it was before he went to doc. I prefer to use non prescription remedies for health concerns when I can. I went online and did some research-forget which site I went on at the time but here are some useful links about it-

this last link also has other natural suggestions for treatment-but-Bilberry can also lower blood pressure and glucose, so if you are taking medications for that you would have to be cautious-my husband takes meds to lower his blood pressure, but also takes the bilberry and has had no problems. He also eats whatever he wants! I had him start taking the bilberry and he started feeling relief within about four days-and then the pain just went away and never came back! He still takes bilberry to this day and the gout has never come back-BUT-I am not a doctor (and don't play one on tv!) I'm just an ordinary person who prefers herbal supplements when possible to prescriptions. I don't know what all other meds you are are on, you need to discuss this with your doctor-all I know is it worked fantastic for my husband and still does to this day. I'm sorry I can't help you with suggestions of what to eat, my husband's was caused by alcohol, he had to cut back on that-but keeping track of what triggers it for you is a very good idea! Don't know what meds you are on for the gout, but one of the main ones prescribed for it is Colchicine-which is to be used with caution (or not at all!) if you have kidney disease! The side effects of the prescriptions used for gout scared me, that is why I searched for an herbal alternative with less chance of side effects. Another useful link from this site-

Hope this helps, tried to be as informative as I could, and I hope you find relief soon!
TDXSP08 replied to Anon_1421's response:
Gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid crystals in the joints of your body,it is a painful ,persistent condition that is best handled by a Physician and not done ala carte Herbal buffet .

See a Doctor,get the proper tests,get a correct diagnosis and then consider seeing a Naturopathic Doctor if you object to western medicine.
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