chronic pain
An_250295 posted:
I've been in chronic pain for years I just rolled my truck on icy roads
previously i have 4,5,6,7 disk messed up in my neck and they have wanted to do surgey and get bone from the bone bank and replace the disk then put a plate in. I have lived with this pain since 2003 and my back is basicly the same low back pain on and off all the time I have never been able to get anything for my pain and I take so much tylenol
and ibuprophin i recently ended up in the hospital with my bowels bleeding they did a colonostomy and sent sent me home all is fine . I feel I have to suffer because there are so many junkies out here today that are abuseing these medications what should I do switching family
Doctor now that I have had for 10 years.
ldycountry responded:
Why will your doctor not sent you to a pain management clinic were they can monitor and control your pain? Most Doctors can only care for pain for 3 months and if you have chronic pain they send you to a pain management clinic...
mel0222 responded:
Hey An_250595, I'm so sorry for your pain. I too, wonder why your family doctor has not referred you to a pain clinic or MD. I have been on and off pain medication for years because of recurrent knee problems and replacements as well as back problems now. I wanted to try and stay off of pain meds recently because I believe the "cocktail" I was taking caused me to have a congestive heart failure and heart attack. Anyway, I barely made it through that but when I regained consciousness after 7 days, I had been taken off of most of my medications.

My first post hospital appointment was what to take for my pain. I was given Neurontin (gabapentin) which helped for a few months but now it isn't doing a thing for me. I'm not medically trained as some on this site are but I do know the Tylenol is really bad for your liver. Even though it is easier on your stomach and intestines, it is very dangerous for your liver.

I suggest you travel through this social pain management site on other peoples' discussions. I have learned so much from fellow sufferers. Yes, it is the abusers that make it more difficult for those who really need pain medication to just be able to move. God bless you as you seek help for your chronic pain.
ctbeth responded:
Hi from Connecticut,

I have the cervical 4-5, 5-6, 6-7 fusion.

I also have cadaver bone, hardware- all of the usual stuff.

I had the fusion emergently, but really, it was not that bad at all.

I am only repeating what idycountry has already said, but you have been hurting for a long time. If the MD that is treating you now will not treat your pain, he/ she needs to refer you to am MD who will do so.

It doesn't really matter, but just wondering: when you had the GI bleed, did you have a colonoscopy or colostomy? One is a scope and one is a surgical procedure.

A pain management specialist also has other options to surgery, for which you may or may not be a candidate.

If you opt for the surgery, please consult with a board certified neuro-surgeon.

Best wishes,