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infrequent chest pain
An_250369 posted:
I have had this chest pain which starts in between by R shoulder blade, feels like a knife to my chest then goes into my throat. It lasts oonly about 10 seconds, feeling like a spasm increasing to peak, then decreasing. I have had it during activity, while sitting, while sleeping and does not have anything to what I eat or when. I have myofacial pain syndrome so everyone is chalking it up to muscle spasm. But I started having uncontrolled high blood pressure 2 months ago, and dispite changing 2 meds and doubling them, then adding a diuretic, I still am not getting my diastolic by below 88 or 90.
I'm worried that it might be my kidneys as I was diagnosed with low renin hypertension. I have had my gall bladder checked, had CT of abdomen and carotid artery ultrasound and EKG - all are negative.
Can anyone Help. PS This pain can come with 2 week intervals or 2 day intervals, no precipitating even. I am open to suggestions. Have a cardiologist saw him last week - he recommended repeat of stress test which I had 2 years ago which was fine.
Thanks much
IamIrene replied to Opal40's response:
There is a web MD community for fibromyalgia. Many of them have myofascial pain syndrome that is part of fibro.
Maybe you'd find more answers on that group.
The know alot about myofascial pain syndrome.
Just click on it-

WebMD Fibromyalgia Community

I am Irene.
IamIrene responded:
This sounds scary.
My first thought was gallbladder but you already have that tested.
If my cardiologist suggested a test, I'd have it. You didnt have this pain 2 years ago, right, so maybe something is changed.
It would be good, but maybe not possible if your doctor could see you while you are having this happen.
OPal disagrees with me, but I would def. have the test the cardiologist suggested. I'd also want to talk to the doctor who prescribes the blood pressure meds.
It sounds scary.


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