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asking again
Opal40 posted:
I would like to ask again on what others are paying for drug testing.....I have had 3 actual cash amounts states.....I thank them.....I am not looking for excessive in depth answers just to get a range of pricing.....Beth need not reply as I am not looking for questions to my question or book replys.....
blessedladyptl responded:
Not sure if this will help, but try putting " cost of pain management urine tests" in google or another search engine.
Onehurtguy replied to blessedladyptl's response:
I've neve paid for a drug test before, I don't understand why you are.

I can buy drug test kits for my employees for random drug tests, or tests after accidents, and they are maybe $17.00 each.

I buy them buy the bag full.
blessedladyptl replied to Onehurtguy's response:
Evidentially, it depends on your insurance. And the cost for them to be done in a doctor's office is more expensive. The basic ones are odviously cheaper than the more detailed ones.

annette030 responded:
One company my doctor used charges $345, but she fixed it so I wouldn't have to pay. My insurance at the time would not cover drug testing of any kind unless it was medically necessary. They did test for the amounts of specific drugs in the urine.

My doctor switched to a different employer and they do very cheap urine screens to just check for the presence of illicit drugs. It was passed on to me as about $7.

The price depends on the test and the lab doing the test, and your insurance company.

Take care, Annette
TDXSP08 replied to blessedladyptl's response:
try looking up labs on the internet in different communities around the country and calling them that would be easier than this method.
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