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    suz1catz posted:
    was in a auto acident in 2008 someon who was texting while driving hit my car from behind. 2011 had a cervical fusion with corpectomy of c-6.Since the surgery I have had a non stop headache nerve damage to my vocal cords,numbness of my arms and hands. Horrific pain of my neck. 2 doctors have recommened the neurostimulation for a trial then if successful it will be permentant.I do understand once in place you can't have no more MRI's. Does anyone have a neurostimuation for there neck? Has it changed your life for the better. I would appreciate any help. thank You.
    ctbeth responded:
    Hi Suz1catz,

    I had read your posting a few days ago, and thought to reply. My neuro-stimulator is lumbar, so I didn't write.

    I do, however, have a C4-5, 5-6, and 6-7 fusion with donor bone graft and the regular hardware. I do have some residual symptoms much like yours, but of far-less intensity: mostly the hand numbness and neck pain. Every once in a while, the neck pain advances to those awful two-day headaches.

    My spinal cord stimulator (neurostimulator) is for lumbar injuries.which are worse fro me that the cervical.

    First, you are correct in that you should not have an MRI. CAT scans are okay, though. If someone does have an MRI by mistake (if you're unconscious and they do not know) it will not kill you or damage you terribly, but the SCS can be damaged and the imaging will be distorted.

    I can say unequivocally that it has changed my life for the better.

    I had a trial, as all of us have to, and I knew straight away soon as the tech turned it on, that it was the right therapy for me.

    I don't know if you have any specific questions that I, or others, can assist.

    If you'd like to talk in private, do tell and I'll post my email address for you.

    I was also in an auto accident in Nov 2007.

    suz1catz replied to ctbeth's response:
    I appreciate your feed back. I have read and research the
    neurostimulator has good results for the back pain. Talking to the Representative at St. Jude he told me he can't find any clients who has one in there neck. That it would improve my life by 50% I told him that's not good enough and I need to see the facts on paper. He also said people who have this device they still take pain meds which makes no sense to me even to get one.
    I decided not too. Seems to me a waste of money at least for me. Think the device whould give peole 80% relief. only 50% not worth it.. I wish you all the best .. God Bless..
    ctbeth replied to suz1catz's response:
    Hi suz1catz,

    I have a non-rechargeable battery that has to be changed every year or two. The battery, with normal use, is said to last 5-7 years. This one is a little-over two years.

    I do keep it on all of the time and at a high setting, so that's, at least theoretically, why I burn my battery out so quickly.

    The surgery to change the battery has been pretty easy for me, but the arrangements: neuro-surgeon appt, PC pre-op physical and blood work, waiting for insurance approval, makes for a horrible few weeks to few months.

    This is where I am right now, My battery died yesterday and I see my neuro-surgeon on 26 Feb.

    Regarding meds: I have been able to reduce my pain meds by about 80% since the SCS. I decreased 50% within the first six months.

    I was also told that I could expect a 50% reduction in pain. Even 50% is a five pain number decrease. For me, looking at it this way makes 50% seem a little different. For example, an 8 vs a 3 looks pretty good to me.

    Only you can decide if this is worthy.
    The trial can show you what you'll actually feel.

    I do hope that you get the help that you'll need that fits into your life.

    If anyone else has SCS that treats neck pain, I do hope that they'll write.

    Best wishes,


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