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An_250379 posted:
was in a auto acident in 2008 someon who was texting while driving hit my car from behind. 2011 had a cervical fusion with corpectomy of c-6.Since the surgery I have had a non stop headache nerve damage to my vocal cords,numbness of my arms and hands. Horrific pain of my neck. 2 doctors have recommened the neurostimulation for a trial then if successful it will be permentant.I do understand once in place you can't have no more MRI's. Does anyone have a neurostimuation for there neck? Has it changed your life for the better. I would appreciate any help. thank You.
granddi responded:
I have had my nuerostimulator from ST Jude for a year now. Mine is for back pain, which I have had 2 surgeries on and have continued pain in leg with decreased and no reflexes left in my left foot and ankle. I also have pain in my low back and left leg which follows the nerve pattern down my leg. My nuerostimulator has been a relief. It does help!! It does not take all the pain away, I still have pain, some days better than others, but I work fulltime as a nurse and continue to live life as best I can. We have had a snowstorm the last two days in MN and I am going crazy in pain. if i did not have my nuerostim I would be completely insane. No more MRI's is right but have they told you anything you/ or your doc's didn't know from the first few you have had. My goal at present is to continue to work, enjoy my family, and live life as best as I can. My advice is to do the trial, if it doesn't decrease your pain by more than 50% don't get the permanent one placed. Good luck to you!!
IamIrene replied to granddi's response:
I was hurt in a freaky boating accident. I hurt my lumbar spine. I had a discectomy that helped for a while. The pain came back and I had a one level fusion. I had no pain relief from that fusion.
My pain doctor prescribed the fentanyl patch for a while. My skin was always itchy and sore. I tried cortaid cream under the patch and the patch just slid on off. OMG.
Now my pain doctor prescribed Methadone and it's okay,but I really can't function with the pain and my docs suggest a spinal cord stimulator.
I just got insurance approval for the trial on March 5. I'm happy and scared. I do know that I won't be able to have MRIs but CAT scans are okay. I hope that I can get off the Methadone to have a baby.We were only married for 13 months when I got hurt. I'd like to go back to work.
I'm a hairdresser and cosmetologist so I am on my feet for hours on end. Not a good job for someone with a bad back. It has been really tough.
Thanks for listening.
suz1catz replied to IamIrene's response:
I thank you for your comments on the Neurostimulator I wish you the best of luck. I'm looking for some who has this device for there neck. I'm scared too. I find it unjust that a doctor who does surgery either on your back/neck/knees/hips were still worse shape then before. Those surgeons don't want to know that your still in pain. We have to continue going to pain management doctors when it's the surgieon who should be dealing with the pain. there the ones not hurting we are. I'm scared to about the neurostimulator in the medical field/Insurance companies never talk about it. The succes rate should be over 80% not just 50%.Why get this device if you still have to take pain meds make no sense.

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