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Dr. Tomorrow Question Needed
beautifulbuffalo posted:
I see my Dr. Tomorrow and I have severe pain all over my joiints. Hydrocodone isn't doing anything. Can anybody suggest a good Arthritis Pill to take away the pain.
Opal40 responded:
If you go to the home page then under Health A-Z you will find the Arthritis Community.....If you ask a doctor for stronger pain meds you will scare them and you will get nothing.....Tell them the Vicoden isn't working and let them suggest a new med...
ctbeth responded:
Hi BB,

How did your appt go?

I hope that you're getting better relief.

Acker responded:
I don't know if you have RA or ostearthritis, but it really matters because RA is an autoimmune disease that requires totally different care than OA.

If you have OA, ask about Voltaren Gel. It is a cream that you can rub over your joints X3/day, but I have found it never necessary to do that often or even regularly (I have OA in hands, knees, and feet). Doesn't interfere with other meds and is easier on your liver than oral meds.

I will say that joint pain, especially in my elbows, and being unable to get back in shape because I couldn't get conditioned and extreme exhaustion after things like mopping a floor, are what led my physiatrist to diagnose me with fibromyalgia. Joint pain can sometimes be referred pain from muscles.

If you do have something like fibro, opioids like hydrocodone not only won't work, but my rheumatologist told me they will actually make it worse.

Get a good rheumatologist or physiatrist to work with you, or to at least get a solid diagnosis. I'd go to the physiatrist (rehab doc) first.

Good luck!

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