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Burning skin pain - not sure where to turn!
SherryBerry72 posted:
Long story face burns daily. No marks, nothing! I have been to doctors off and on through the years just to be told it's anxiety/depression. I am not wanting to get on a med, though I am horribly anxious due to the condition.

It is the worse feelign I have ever experienced - way way way worse than natural childbirth.

Has anyone ever dealt w/ this or have any ideas?

I've seen neuros, rheumys, internal and an endo. I've had all the tests run. No answers! It's very painful.
77grace responded:

Hi SherryBerry72,
How did thius happen???Do they think it might be caused by Nerves??
If you have been to all these specialiasts and they suggest the same meds ,it may be worth it !Otherwise I would suggest a Natural approach !Try Aloe Vera!Try a Naturapath Dr.!
Hope you find some releif,Beleive it or not Aloe works wonders!!
SherryBerry72 replied to 77grace's response:
This has been going on for years. I wish I knew where to turn. I've been given antidepressents (or at least the RX) by every dr. I have seen.

You think Aloe Vera would be good for nerves?
Anon_57995 replied to SherryBerry72's response:
If every doctor that you see prescribes antidepressants then why don't you try them?
Aloe vera may help your skin feel better, but the antidepressants will be good for your nerves.
77grace replied to 77grace's response:
HI SherryBerry72,
The Aloe vera is for the burning skin!!!But there are herbal remidies for the Nerves as well!!Although I tend to agree with ohters here who wonder why you have not tried what they suggest?My guess would be something like Lyrica,but I am not a Dr.!!
Give it a try!! 77grace
janz04401 responded:
It sounds to my like some type of jaw condition. Have you gone to a dentist to have a full facial ex ray? I know this may sound weird but dental problems can cause all kinds of problems. My daughter had a similar condition and had to have some sort of facial injections, she was in lots of pain!! A dental surgeon diagnosed her. She is doing O.K. now. Hope u find out what is going on. Sounds like you have some sort of medical problem not mental. But, untreated can defiantly effect your mental state. Jan, CADC, MHRT-C
Susan15748 responded:
Hi. I am sorry for your pain. I have skin burning sensation from Fibromyaliga. I hope for a resolution of your pain for you.
Anon_57995 replied to SherryBerry72's response:
Dear SherryBerry72-
If enough people tell you that you're a horse, you go see a veterinarian.
You've seen many different kinds of specialists who all prescribe the same thing.
Why don't you try what all the docs have prescribed?

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