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Pain Cancels Lada Gaga's Show
Peter Abaci, MD posted:
According to news sources, Lady Gaga is suffering from a case of synovitis, forcing her to cancel some upcoming shows. What is synovitis? Synovitis is inflammation of the capsule that surrounds the joints of the body. It causes a fluid collection in the joint that leads to pain, stiffness, and swelling. Synovitis can occur from wear and tear on the joints or it can be associated with diseases like rheumatoid arthritis and in rare cases with leukemia or infections.

Treatment includes:
  • Use anti-inflammatory medications or a cortisone injection right into the joint for more painful cases;
  • Ice, elevation, Physical Therapy, and maybe compression can also reduce inflammation;
  • If the Synovitis is caused by a specific underlying disease, like rheumatoid arthritis for example, then treating the disease will eventually help reduce symptoms;
  • Nontraditional approaches would include herbs to reduce inflammation and acupuncture (not much scientific research to support this though).
Opal40 responded:
I'll bet Lady Gaga will get pain meds with out the problems others have....She gets better and others suffer...R.H.I.P...
peskypain replied to Opal40's response:
I guess for me, that never seems to be a "good" thing when celebrities get access to meds so easily and by different DRs...We have seen way too many deaths occur because of this...

Treatment for pain is not always about "opiates" and many times things can be resolved without them.
Opal40 replied to peskypain's response:
In my opinion first immediate care should be "Control the pain". Then work out the rest.... I was offered pain meds and didn't take them....4 months later I ask the same doctor for them and she said no...My husband went to her and got a 90 day supply.....MY pain spiraled out of control.....It took 4 years to get them.....Gaga will be back on her feet before most of us can get an appointment with the apprioriate doctor....With or without pain meds....
rosielou responded:
Thanks for writing this explanation. I always look forward to seeing your articles like this and the one you did on getting "supplements" through our foods instead of needing to buy so many pills.

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