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Spinal Agony
QueenBB posted:
After 2 2 operations including a laminectomy and after having been informed that I had cobtracted a post op infection,I was then given, a tablet called zyvoxide that cost for 6 weeks supply in hospital R56000.00 I really couldn't understand why it was that much I have been on the medication and felt it has done nothing to me. The next thing I remember is being treated with antibiotic strong dosages of antibiotics dosages like 400mg packets two times a day I went through 23 packets morning and night with antibiotics to control the red and white blood count levels, as they could not stabilize my blood count levels which remained dangerously high, 60 (ECR) and the normal count should be between 5 and 7, my CRP count was 32 and the normal reading should be 5. I was discharged from hospital after a month with blood count readings of 48 which was still high but I was told they could manage it with oral medication. My medication consisted of Bactrim extra strength, Rifampacin 450mg BD, Tavanic 500mg PO BD. As time went by I was told to take things easy and come in every 2 weeks to hospital for a visit to monitor my progress and check my blood count levels. It's now been almost a year I am still in so much pain I am unable to work as doctors won't declare me fit and even if they do my body just can't handle it. I cannot sit for more than 30 minutes then I started to feel as if my back was tearing open with sharp stabbing pains. I can't go out, I can't walk for long periods, I can't even go to family members houses as I need special seating, laying has become a big part of my life. I am only 23 years old and I am in so much debt as result of me not being able to work. I had to purchase a new bed with extra height and a special raised seat for the toilet as I am unable to bend or go down low. Pain is part of my life, I take nothing for granted anymore I'm grateful for every morning I wake up and for every breath I take, even though I am full of pain, doctors still can't tell me what my condition is called, when I will be better when I will lead a normal life again .The promises that were made by the doctors that operations would give me a better life were all untrue. I have to depend on my family for everything, simple things like putting on my shoes fastening my shoe laces. My medical bills are extremely high because I have to be at hospital take x rays and blood tests every two weeks. My medical aid has been exhausted and I have to pay for all my medication I require, so I have to borrow from family. I remember the doctor telling me when they cleared out some of the infection that there was still something, a new bug(bacteria) growing in me that is hard to get out so I assume that is what's causing me so much pain. I hope and pray that there is a doctor out there that can help me, that can tell me what condition is, what I need to do to rid me of the infection basically. I just want to be told they found a solution and that I will have a full recovery.
In conclusion I appeal to any orthopaedic surgeon for a solution to my condition so that I can be pain free and lead a normal life. Thank you for taking time out and reading about my life for the last year and all I have been through.

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