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    Chest pain for 2 years. Getting desperate for answers
    LOO413 posted:
    Hello, I am a 30 year old male. Don't smoke, don't drink, eat organic and live a healthy lifestyle. For the past two years I have felt an achy pain all over my body with a lot of pain in my sides and ribs, and the worse pain in my chest. I also feel nausea sometimes and a lot of fatige, weakness and lack of energy. The pain ranges anywhere from dull to intense, but it is ALWAYS there. Nothing causes it to get any worse or better. I have been to the ER a couple times when the pain got really bad. I have seen several doctors, all of which have been completely stumped and no help to me what so ever. I have been to cardiologists as well. All have said the EKG's look great, stress tests look great, heart looks great, chest x-rays look great, blood tests are all clear. I've been tested for everything from
    Leukemia, to Lymes disease, Lupis, Hepatitis, Fibromyalgia and everything else you could think of. All doctors have said everything looks good, doesn't seem to be life threatenenig, then proceeds to take my money and send me home with no help or answers. After two years and thousands of dollars spent on doctors, I still suffer in pain all day every day. I used to be a very active, energetic, happy person. Now it takes all my strength just to go to work. I don't do anything anymore other than go to work. The quality of my life sucks. I'm NOT depressed or anything like that, just extremely frustrated. My wonderful wife and I are expecting our first baby in two months and I just want so badly to be energetic and without pain again so I can be active in my daughter's life. Please help!
    77grace responded:
    Hi again,
    I posted about 1 hr.ago but had to take a break and see my Husband for Dinner !But I want you to know tha you and your wife mean alot to me becuse I can reltae on both sides of the story!Right now with you (Being in pain and also pain management taking pain meds!!But over 25 yrs ago I was a strung out pill addict!Caused by1st pain but then the monstor tok over and I had years of torture !I did not want to accept I ha a problem,it took a long time 11But I'm and sober!!I will do anything I can for both of you !Ask me anything!I know how to get her help and you !!!
    God Bless you both your in my Prayers,77grace
    suz1catz responded:
    Sorry read about your delema have you scene a digestive disease doctor. Stomach doctor.. Have your had a upper GI. Reading this sounds like you could have GERD or Acid Reflux.
    I had very sharp esphogus pain it would being down to my knees. Only last for a few minutes. Sometime the flap in our stomach get stuck that what happens. Yes it can cause the pain your describing. I would try a Degestive disease doctor.
    Get better
    77grace responded:
    Hello L00413,
    I think I tried to reply to you earloier,I just checked and yes I did but it got mix3ed up with another post ssorry bout that!
    Anyway ,i readeverything you say and all th e symptroms ans rests and it sure sounds like Fibromyalgia to me!You have alot of the sysmtoms and sounds like they came on quicckly like I hav e for friends of mine ?SO I 'm not a Dr.but i'd get a 2nd opinion and even if it it THERE is HOPE !!A very healthy diet can do wondeers!!!
    Stay in touch,77grace
    An_250671 responded:
    Have any of your doctors talked about costochondritis? Although that should be just centered in your chest when I suffered from it it made me feel less than 100% all over.

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