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Chronic Chest Pain
Nivakon posted:
Hello, I posted here...maybe a year or more ago regarding chronic chest pain I've had for close to six years now. I'll just quickly recap my story and get straight to my question

- White, female 20yo
- Chronic pain, lasting every day, all day, for about six years now
- Medications such as oxycotin, hydrocodone, ibuprofen, naproxen, muscle relaxers, anxiety medications, acid reflux medications, or anti-depressants don't help relieve pain.
- Sharp, stabbing pain when inhaling, coughing, sneezing, or stretching arms/back in certain directions
- Pain began after having a case of strep that went untreated with a severe cough.
- Pain is on my left upper torso, costal region, that radiates to the back
- Received two intercostal injections on 3rd costal cartilage of local anesthetics and anti-inflammatory. This made pain solid 10 for days straight, with no relief.
- Pain sits at a 6 for baseline every day, with occasional 10 days on the pain scale.
- Physical activity including upper body muscle work, and anything cardio (gets me breathing more) exacerbates pain.
- Tenderness when pressing barely on costal regions on left side
- Occasionally, there is a clicking sound when I breath, or move. I've noticed if I am laying on my side and I lay on my arm adjacent with the side I'm laying on, this increases the frequency of the sound.
- Cardiac workup came up clean.
- All Xrays were negative.
- All CT scans were negative.
- Previously treated for hepatitis c via peg. interferon, ribavirin and victrelis. Was detectable with hep c for 18 years. I've been undetectable since my treatment in 2011.
- Born on methamphetamine my mother took.
- Also, I am hypermobile...not sure if this would be related.

Anyways, that's pretty much everything that I imagine could be of importance. I've seen a lot of doctors in my time. A lot of people have suggested costochondritis. My PM doctor has treated me under the assumption that this was my issue (the injections), this yielded no results.

So, onto my question..

Is it possible this is slipping rib syndrome? I've read a lot about it recently, but there seems to be conflicting information. Like that slipping rib is the same as Tietze's. I just want to clear up confusion on this. I haven't been able to see my PM about this. I read that you can do a hook maneuver to test for slipping rib, but I don't think I quite grasp the concept. Also, is it possible for higher up rib to slip?

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