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Butrans Patch not working
almostfifty posted:
I've been on the butrans 10mg for about a year after being on fentanyl for over four years. I take hydrocodone/lortab for breakthrough pain as well. The last three weeks have been absolute hell for me. I've been feeling withdrawal symptoms and my pain has increased along with terrible anxiety.
I'm wondering if anyone has ever heard of getting a bad batch of the butrans where maybe not enough medicine was applied to it. I thought that this maybe what has happened only because the symptoms started with the new box of patches.
I`ve left a message with my pharmacy but with the recent snow storm, they have just reopened.
ctbeth responded:
Hello almostfifty, [br>[br>It can happen, but "bad batches" are still relatively rare.[br>[br>A couple of thoughts are:[br>[br>-You may have developed tolerance to your Butrans dose[br>[br>- Your physical condition, which you didn't disclose, may be exacerbating, or another physical issue may be causing additional pain[br>[br>-You may may have developed tolerance to your Lortab dose.[br>[br>If you'd like to explore on the bad batch theorem, check the official manufacturer's website. There should be a phone number, or "contact us", email. I would think the company would want to know this. They can give you further information, as you cannot just place a Butrans patch in the mail.[br>[br>I would suspect that the pharmacy would be able to assist with that procedure.[br>[br>Most important, I assess, is to contact your prescribing MD. He/ she may be able to guide you further.[br>[br>Good luck, and I hope that you'll return and update.[br>[br>CTB
dfromspencer responded:
Hi, almostfifty

Yes, it can happen, you may have a bad batch? That is highly unlikely, tho. I think CTBETH has it right! Talk to your Pharmacy, now that it has reopened. I would also talk to your prescribing M.D.! It is quite possible to have built up your tollerence to the meds?

Whatever you do, do not suffer in silence. Find a solution that works for you.

Good luck, and please keep us informed of your situation!


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