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    An_250697 posted:
    Hi can I take methadone the day after I take suboxone or subutex?
    ctbeth responded:
    If you are prescribed these medicines, then you should take them as directed.

    If you have questions about meds that you are prescribed for pain management, it would be appropriate to ask your MD or pharmacist.

    Good luck with that.
    77grace responded:
    Hi 250697,
    It all really depends on several things!!
    I was on Methadone for about 6 years and then detoxed with Suboxone(long story)!~I staye don the Suboxone hopng it would help the pain for about 4 months,No luck!But ,I can't remember exactly how long I had to wait,but it was more than 1 day and Beth is right you really need to work with your Dr.!These can be very Dangerous meds!
    Please be careful,Blessings,77grace
    ctbeth replied to 77grace's response:
    Hi Grace,

    As you've probably read in all the things that I post, I'm pretty housebound until my SCS gets replaced.

    I've been emailing and Facebook-ing with a few women with whom I met on the site. I
    m enjoying getting to know people whom I've known here as just screen names.

    I also think that I've told you that I'm a Bible history scholar and have studied the Shroud of Turin, the Sindon.

    I'd rather not talk religion on this site, so, if you'd like, do email me.
    TDXSP08 responded:
    If you take methadone too soon after suboxone or subtex it is going to slam you into immediate withdrawal kinda like getting a Lamborghini up to 180 and heading directly for a brick wall,It will be really more than unpleasant it will be something you will remember for your whole life and tell your great grand children about, it's that bad if you do them that close together.

    But hey i could be Dogie Houser M.D. or could have slept at a fancy motel chain last night so always check with a Physician that you can see and hear not just us guys of the computer.


    "It is easier to raise strong children then to fix broken Men"
    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
    dfromspencer responded:

    I would strongly suggest talking to your Doctor, prior to taking anything after another med!!!

    Hope this helps?

    77grace replied to TDXSP08's response:
    Hi TDXSP08,
    It soudns like I tok the same trip oin that Lamborghini!!!
    Bottom line, to anyone who is thinki8ng of this !!!Just be sure that you have enough time nbetween the Methadone and the Suboxone !I took the Suboxone too soon ,stopped the 80 mil.
    of Methadone and went to Detox!

    I felt like I could Die! Be Careful.77grace
    TDXSP08 replied to 77grace's response:
    Yes in deed Grace you got the ride in the Lamborghini and amazingingly enough some people are Dumb and think let me take more Subox which makes them fel worse the more they take same thing with mixing subox and methadone the more methadone the worse they feel.

    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
    77grace replied to TDXSP08's response:
    Hi TDXSP08,
    It's definatly something I will never forget!
    Are you by any chance still taking Methadone for pain??
    As I said ,I really tried to just take Suboxone for pain but I just could not funtion at all!My Pain was and is way up there and I went back on!
    I tried some other Meds.but the Methadone helps the most!
    Unfortunatly my tolerence is again way up there!
    Oh well some days are better then others!
    Take care,77grace
    TDXSP08 replied to 77grace's response:
    I was once prescribed methadone but refused to take it because it was a temporary neuro;gist who was "Opiaphobic" Doctor who would not give me my regular Fentanyl and Oxycodone well in the Hospital. So i called my Internist who wrote my regular meds and said "save the methadone when the neurologist comes in again spit them at him". So well in the hospital the nurse's fed me my pills and i did not take the methadone and took my own Meds that the hospital did not know. Which by the way is against the law for a hospital not to know what a Patient is taking well admitted.

    i have no small step for man, but i have 6 tires for mankind,Watch your Toes!
    ctbeth replied to TDXSP08's response:

    I'm glad that you're my friend and not my patient, LOL

    annette030 replied to ctbeth's response:
    ME too!!!

    Hugs, Annette

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