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Marinol for chronic pain
deadheadchic posted:
I have had spinal spondylosis for the last 8 years and now have a pseudotumor in my brain. I am in constant pain and am sick of narcotics and was looking for a more natural for of pain relief. Plus I am constantly nauseas from the tumor and the pain in my spine. Does anyone have any information they can offer on marinol for me?
ctbeth responded:
Yes, Marinol is legal in all fifty states. Are you in the US?

Are you talking about a meningioma as a "pseudotumor"?

If the brain lesion is causing you pain and nausea, you may be dealing with a situation (intra-cranial pressure) that indicates the pseudotumor may need to be resected/ removed.

You can Google search Marinol and get all the info you need.

Marinol is not known to do much for spondyliosis, but can be indicated for nausea, sleep, and loss of appetite. You don't get high on it, though.

Since most pseudotumors do not cause intracranial pressure, your MD should be told of the nausea.

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Good luck with that.
peskypain replied to ctbeth's response:
Just wanted to elaborate so that others can know the difference between Marinol and actual plant form or marijuana.

Because Marinol, prescribed by a Dr., is an FDA approved medication and on the DEA (Federal) controlled list as a Schedule III....this is the reason it is legal in all 50 states.

The plant form of marijuana is still illegal (Schedule I) under Federal law but there are some states that have legalized this under their own state law. It still needs to be prescribed by a Dr. but not all Drs. are in agreement about it's use and can cause problems for the patient if they are given a urine test for their job, or in the ER...So someone needs to be very careful and state this up front if they are ever taking this in this form.

Anyway, just wanted to share the difference and why one is ok and the other is not in many states.
deadheadchic replied to ctbeth's response:
Yea i am not really looking for it for my spondylosis I was thinking more for the pseudotumor cerebri. I never sleep and I'm always nauseas from the pain. I cannot take neurontin, I get all the crazy side effects from it. My pain management doctor NEVER returned my calls so he doesn't even know I have this. My pcp actually sent me to the neurologist. I'm in no way looking to get high I am looking for relief without narcotics. Thank you for getting back to me Beth i appreciate it.

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