Why do Doctors fight you if you want Butrans Patches.?
An_250945 posted:
What is the freaking problem with many pain Doctors writing Butrans Patches. The less of all the pain relief evils? I don't get it! I had to fight for these many times! Why? No kick backs? What is the problem? It is so fusterating an its a patch for god sake that works very well for me. Sorry seeing a specialst an expecting another fight!
ctbeth responded:
I guess each MD has to assess and evaluate each patient's condition and pain management needs individually.

I don't think that kickbacks would be an issue in your not being prescribed Butrans, as it is an expensive brand-name product.

If kick backs were the decisive factor in prescribing, it would seem as if Butrans would be a likely med to offer such immoral incentive.

I don't know if the characterization of "many pain doctors" having a problem with prescribing Butrans; have you experienced more-than one MD being unwilling to prescribe this med for you?

When you say, "seeing a specialist", is it a pain management specialist? I do hope so.

Are the MDs willing to prescribe opiate pain meds, just not Butrans, or are you having a problem getting prescriptions to any opiate pain meds?

I do read that you consider Butrans, "the less of all the pain relief evils." This is curious- are you considering non-opiate and non-chemical therapies, or comparing Butrans to other opiates? it is a powerful controlled substance, as you are most-likely aware.

I hope that you do get to see a pain management MD, and I would hope that you can get your pain managed to tolerable levels.

I do hope that you will not have to fight to get pain management.

Good luck with the specialist,

BJKuehn replied to ctbeth's response:
My father-in-law is a semi-retired psychiatrist whose hobby is to go to seminars about Pain Management matters to learn about ideas for me since I have Chronic Pain Disease (Cervical Spine). One of the ones he went to was for buprenorphine - which comes under the name BuTran, Suboxone (sic?), and a couple others. In the seminar, they very clearly stated that the prescribing doctor HAD TO HAVE SPECIFIC TRAINING with this medication before they could dispense any scripts. Maybe that's why your running into the wall. When you start talking to your Pain Mgmt. Dr. about the BuTran, ask if they have had the requisite training. If they haven't, get a referral to someone who does. You really don't want just any doc passing out BuTran to you. They really won't properly know what they are doing.
ctbeth replied to BJKuehn's response:
In Connecticut, MDs must have additional training to prescribe Suboxone for addiction treatment programs.

To prescribe Butrans (buphrenophrine) for pain management does not require this additional training.

It may be different in other states.